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iPhone 5

Although the iPhone 6 is now here, my trusty iPhone 5 has been doing quite well, thank you. The only exception is that I have a faulty sleep/wake button. I’ve known about this issue for some time, but chose to work around it. Although my iPhone qualified for the Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program, I could not go days without a phone to have it repaired at an Apple Repair Center.

Just recently, my iPhone’s camera started to add purple dots on to my pictures and videos. After vigorously wiping the lens, the purple specs were on the inside. A few weeks ago, since I now have two glaring iPhone problems, I decided to get it repaired. I backed up my data and made an appointment to my closest Genius Bar.

The Apple Store was packed. The iPhone 6 news probably added to the traffic. However, the people in the store seem to fall in one of two categories. They were here to repair an iOS product or just lounging around. Regardless, I’m sure the richest company in the world is doing just fine.

After a decent few minutes wait after my appointment time, my Genius stepped me through the repair process. He was young and fresh out of college. But he was a wizard using his iPad. I never seen someone type, swipe, stretch, and shrink faster than him. I explained my two problems. He verified that my iPhone’s serial number qualified for its sleep/wake button to be replaced. He explained that my iPhone needed to be shipped out to a repair center to be worked on. I gasped, “How am I going to survive without a phone?”

He said that I have two options. I could move my SIM card into my old phone if I still had one or he could order me a loaner. My iPhone 3GS could not support the newer, smaller SIM card so I asked for a loaner. The loaner needed a few days to come in. To save time from my next visit, my Genius suggested I go through the diagnostics process. My phone was wiped and extensive diagnostics were performed. The report was attached to my case. When the loaner comes in, I could just mention to the next Genius to use that report rather than go through the process again. This Genius was top notch.

A week later, after a courtesy phone call from Apple, I scheduled my second visit. I was five minutes late, but thankfully there was a grace period. I told my Genius about my existing diagnostics report. He used it and swapped me into my loaner. I do remember thinking how long it took for him to get it. But once again, the store was packed. The loaner was wrapped in plastic and was in pretty nice condition. After popping in my SIM card and going through the new phone setup, I was on my way.

Last night, I got to the store 20 minutes early. I had the longest wait yet. I asked a Genius if I could move up the line faster since I was just returning a loaner. No such luck. My scheduled time came and went. My son was getting a little fussy. We managed to hold on just enough with an iPad filled with fun apps in the Kids section. He enjoyed bouncing and pushing around their bean bag like stools. My turn finally came 17 minutes after my appointment.

My Genius was in good spirits, but I had seen her running around non-stop. I found out they were down two Genisues because they called in sick. The work normally handled by four was now being juggled by two. Poor thing. Even under the extra strain, she was very pleasant to deal with. She returned my iPhone and explained what was done. The sleep/wake button was replaced along with the display, the battery, and the camera. I remarked, “Wow, it’s just like brand new!”

I signed out on her iPad. She inserted my SIM card and selected restore from iCloud backup. I signed out of her iPad and was on my way. I noticed my iPhone was upgraded to iOS 8.0.2 as it synced my data. I did get my hands on an iPhone 6 and marveled at how thin it was. The texture of the edges and the back was smoother to the touch. Looks like I’ll be getting my hands on one of these at the end of the month. Nice job, Tim Cook!

For more information, click iPhone 5 Sleep/Wake Button Replacement Program.

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