My Housing Crisis of 2012

For the past few months my wife and I have been shopping for a new home. Since I am all thumbs, we decided on a new construction rather than go for a fixer upper. Although things were stressful with all the research, paperwork, interest rate watching, and design considerations, things were moving along very nicely. About two months ago I had my first walk through of our newly constructed home. It was very interesting to see a house built from the ground up from its bare structure, the wood framing, the water pipes, and electrical wiring. The foreman did a great job explaining every aspect of the new construction. I walked away taking a long breath of relief as all systems were go.

Mirror Mirror On The Wall

A few days ago, I was completing the last of our paperwork when my agent decided to send me some pictures of the nearly completed house. My wife and I were ecstatic because everything looked amazing. We got a sneak preview of the exterior, the kitchen, the bathroom sink, and the staircase. Later in the evening, my wife wondered, “Why are all the pictures inverted?” It seemed like the picture was flip-flopped because what was on the left side is now on the right and what was on the right side is now on the left. Under closer inspection she was right. Our house was completely inverted or reversed, take your pick. During my walk through a few months back, I was totally engrossed with learning about the electrical, the water, and other features. In addition, the foreman and I were walking through a bare bones wooden structure. I didn’t even realize my new home was a mirror image of the model.

Final Thoughts

The model home showed the garage door on the right while the main entry door was on the left. The kitchen was on the right and the living room was on the left. The exterior shot on the website and brochures also showed the same configuration. However, our new home, weeks from completion, has everything in reverse. I quickly questioned my agent and she said there is nothing we can do. She explained each plot of land has specific water pipes and electric lines from the county. The builder then selects which design fits best into the county defined configuration. I do recall her stressing a few times that each house needs to be a different model and color scheme from neighboring houses. But not once did she mention the new construction can be just like the model home or the mirror image of it due to county plot dependencies. As logical as that sounds, my wife had her heart set on the model home and the brochure designs not the one that we see now. We’re meeting with the builder tomorrow to discuss our options.

What would you do in my shoes? Would you move in with no complaints or raise hell because this is not what you signed up for?

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11 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Our last house was a newly built home. We saw it in construction before we bought it. It was on a view lot overlooking a country club. We lived there about 20 years. The downside is you have to do the improvements, but it is worth it.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    Daring move, building from scratch, but it’s good since you have greater say on what gets put into the house. Strange about the reversal thing. I guess since you were able to do the early walk through you probably could have stayed on top of things with a couple more visits. Too bad the piping situation wasn’t explained early on so that you’d know more what to expect, but I don’t know that it’s an insurmountable problem. If the house has all the features you expected, I think the layout can be something you and your wife can get used to. I’d say as long as everything else is okay just go with the flow. Just be sure the builder provides some kind of warranty for at least a year in case there are any problems in workmanship.

    My wife and I bought a house as it was being built and had our say on the interior features we wanted, such as carpeting, window covers, and cabinetry. I was glad about the warranty as we found a number of problems after we started living in the house. For example the reversed all the piping for hot and cold water. The water in our toilets was steaming hot! They had to tear out part of the wall and redo the pipes. There were also some other issues that were taken care of quickly. We are very pleased with this home that we bought brand new 15 years ago.

    I wish you all well with the new adventure. Home ownership is a wonderful feeling.


    • Buck Inspire says:

      We’re getting pretty excited about it. I’m working on a post to recap how things went down during our reversal meeting. Stay tuned. Picking out the features was fun. I can slowly understand why people spend so much time and energy on home improvement projects. Never fully understood as I’ve always been a renter. Who wants to fix up some other person’s property, right? Glad your warranty took care of your issue. Sounds like you made a nice investment in your home as well. 15 years and still going strong. Good for you Lee!

  3. Veronica says:

    Holy crap! I would be so upset if that happened to me. How come they didn’t mention this BEFORE the house was built. Wow… just wow… I’m so sorry to hear this. Are you as upset as your wife about it? This is something I will keep in mind if anyone I know (or myself for that matter) tries to build a home.

    Curious to see what happens next. Thanks for sharing this with us.

  4. 101 Centavos says:

    Sounds like an opportunity to turn a negative into a discount!

  5. It is amazing to see something being built from the ground up and there is no perspective when just looking at the framing so I can see how you missed it, but that would really suck. Not sure how this will all work out. I am curious to hear about it.

  1. December 8, 2012

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