My First Trip To Legoland


Having hit all the major amusement parks in Southern California at one time or another, Legoland was my final frontier.  Since we got a great deal from Costco, Baby Buck loves Legos, and Legoland has many kid friendly rides, the stars were aligned.


Tale of the Tape

Normally a one day ticket to Legoland costs $83.  A second day can be added for $20.  My Costco deal was 2 days for $79.99 for a 22% discount.


Vacation Mode

When I was younger I would practically kill myself hitting every ride and show possible in one day.  It was tiring, stressful, and felt like a job.  Since our stay was spread out over two days, I felt more relaxed.  My mindset changed to best effort. I enjoyed myself more and it actually felt like a vacation.  If you can afford a two day hopper, I strongly recommend it.



Most of the rides we hit were kid friendly.  Baby Buck cried a few times because he didn’t want the ride to end.

Coast Cruise

A great family ride was the Coast Cruise as we took a leisurely ride around the heart of Legoland and saw some amazing exhibits in Miniland USA. For some extra excitement, my wife and I jumped on some adult rides too.

Project X

Project X, a nifty little roller coaster, had a nice drop right out of the gate and some jolting twists and turns.

Aqua Zone

Aqua Zone spun me around water with occasional explosions that showered us when we whizzed by.  I felt like Kevin Costner in Waterworld.



The only treat I had was the soft serve ice cream.  You have the option to add fruity flavors, but I opted for a vanilla chocolate swirl.  It was surprisingly creamy and tasty. Sorry, I inhaled it before snapping a picture.

I was famished at the end of the first day.  There was an all you can eat pizza pasta buffet for $15, but thankfully we waited to eat at the Legoland hotel.


At Brick’s buffet, for $20, you could choose to eat pizza and pasta but you could also eat fish, prime rib, pork tenderloin, and turkey.  I was completely stuffed and in heaven.  I highly recommend it as the service was also excellent as the staff asked if everything was alright numerous times throughout the evening.

Legoland Hotel

Legoland Hotel


After dining, make sure you visit the three themed hotel floors (kingdom, adventure, and pirate) and the coolest elevator around.  It is disco themed and each ride is a blast to the past with spinning disco lights and blaring disco music.  Finally, Lego art and sculptures are everywhere.


Final Thoughts

Although it was a slight trek for me from LA to Carlsbad, the smaller crowds and leisurely pace was well worth the drive.  Add in the many kid friendly rides, I liken Legoland to Knott’s Berry Farm.

Lego Movie

Although there were no parades, there were several meet and greets during dance parties.  There were many references to the highly successful Lego Movie, too. First time visitors get a cool button so make sure you let someone know.  Rather than swapping souvenir pins, collectors can swap mini Lego figures.  If your family is into water activities and getting wet, there are two water parks to fill your heart’s desires.

Lego Movie

I didn’t know what to expect but I was pleasantly surprised by how fun and relaxing my trip to Legoland was.  Our favorite souvenir was getting one of our professionally taken photos laser printed on a Lego brick wall with mini figurine and gift box. It is very unique and totally puts a stamp on your Legoland visit. Disneyland can’t be beat in terms of things to do and see but it comes at a high cost of long waits in line and fighting tons of traffic.  If you’re looking for a fun filled relaxing time with the family, Legoland is just what the doctor ordered.


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4 Responses

  1. We made our one and only trip to Legoland in the Spring of 2009. Our son was 8 years old. We spent a couple days at there, but spent more time in San Diego visiting the Wild Animal Park, Seaworld, the museums in Balboa Park, and the Midway aircraft carrier plus sailing ships and a Russian sub that were in the vicinity. Since we drove from Silicon Valley, we had our own car to get around in.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      That sound like a wonderful trip Bryce! I recently visited the Wild Animal Park and drove through Balboa Park. There are some very nice places to visit in San Diego. Thanks for dropping by!

  2. We went to Lego Land here in the mid-west and yours sounds a lot different than what we have here. Our grandchildren loved it – especially the area where they could build and race lego cars. Our grandson spent 4 hours in that area alone and we had to drag him out!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I didn’t know there was another Legoland. I saw an area where kids can drive cars and get a Legoland drivers license. Baby Buck has to wait a few years though. Thanks for sharing Marie!

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