Move: Boxes, Isolate, and Unclutter


Boxes, boxes, boxes, all I see are stinkin’ boxes! It’s a good thing I’m not having an open house for visitors because stuff is everywhere. On the bright side, the Mrs. and I are having fun traversing our labyrinth of plastic containers, cardboard moving boxes, and piles of stuff. I got lucky and found some extra storage containers from work and have been using it to transport my heavier junk like books. They’re more durable than cardboard and easier to carry because of their handles. I’ve been strictly using cardboard to carry lighter items like clothes. Although packing to the rim sounds ideal, make sure you don’t overload the box as you’ll have a hard time chucking it around. Don’t need boxes breaking apart on you and you don’t need a hernia! Remember lift with your knees!


A few of my friends from Yakezie had an excellent suggestion of slowly moving from room to room. While I was touring last year in Europe, I learned to live out of a suitcase and quickly move from one city to the next by isolating rooms, collecting our gear, and jetting to the next episode. In the video below, that’s me, not as good looking :), doing battle with Kitchen, Living Room, and Closets!


Besides the pain of moving, it is also the perfect time to get rid of trash. Old magazines, old work documents, and old knick knacks from along the way, dump them! Also organize your items better. Rather than leaving things all over the place, we are looking at storage containers, big and small, to keep things neater. Oh I almost forgot, drink plenty of water to stay hydrated! Although it may not be economically feasible, moving every few years is a nice way to reset and unclutter your life.

About a little more than a week to go, will Buck Inspire survive? Do you have any last minute tips for a successful move?

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7 Responses

  1. I don’t have any advice to really help you out, but maybe this will make you feel better. My wife and I got through attorney review on a house we bought. We had all of the boxes, just like you, for a few weeks. Then the house failed the inspection and we had to walk away from the deal. So….all of that for nothing. We through the last remnants of the boxes out just the other day after we realized finding a replacement home may not happen as soon as we had hoped.
    Good luck!! At least you can get them for free if you go to local liquor stores, etc.

  2. Aloysa says:

    Oh, I remember our move. It seemed back then that we will never get rid off boxes. Our life was in boxes. It took forever! And this is one of the reasons I hate moving. 🙂

    • Buck says:

      Trying to make the most of it. I think I’m going to be living out of boxes and plastic containers for awhile. Can’t wait for it to be over. 🙂

  3. Moneycone says:

    Take it slow and label everything! Moving is always stressful! I’ve had my share and one more might soon be coming up!

  4. corrugated says:

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