BI 018: Money Pros Challenge, Believe In Yourself

After a long four and a half months, I made it atop the Money Pros Index Fund Challenge. Due to a particularly bad Friday, my stay at the top was short lived. My main points remain the same. It is a bittersweet moment because I only partially invested in my entries and didn’t fully take advantage of the 30% gain. Who knows what will happen from now to the end of the year? What I do know are some takeaways that will make me a better investor and help me better deal with life challenges along the way. For more information, visit MoneyPros Index.

Please share some of your tips with the class.

Stay Inspired!

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4 Responses

  1. Things like this are always such a fine balance. I find it better to play on the conservative end a bit to be safe. That way you can still feel good if things go well but at the same time can handle the down fall if they don’t. Having faith and being optimistic is important though.

  2. Right on Buck, let it fly…make your picks and don’t worry about it because no one knows which stocks will outperform and which will underperform. The most important part is to always know WHY you are investing in a stock.

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