MommyCon Baby Wearing World Record 2013 Recap

Baby Wearing World Record 2013

Last weekend, the family and I visited the LA Convention Center for MommyCon and the Baby Wearing World Record 2013. There were tons of mommies, babies, and carriers. I had three goals. I wanted to participate in a world record although Mrs. Buck would be doing the heavy lifting. Second, I wanted to see the latest baby products. Finally, I wanted to learn how to better care for Baby Buck as he enters his terrible twos.

Beco Model Expert

We have a Beco carrier, but we never use it. We tried it once or twice at home, but even though there were instructions on the box, it didn’t feel or look right. Sadly, it sat in our closet collecting dust. Lucky for us, Beco was on hand to demonstrate how to properly wear their carriers. The expert deftly maneuvered the straps around Mrs. Buck and snugly wrapped up Baby Buck in the pouch. She looked familiar because she was one of the spokesmodels on the Beco box. Talk about double duty! Baby Buck is a little over 26 pounds, but Mrs. Buck comfortably carried him around in the stylishly designed carrier for most of the show.

Flu Shot Due Diligence

Dr. Bob Sears gave a talk about vaccines and he was there signing his new book. Tons of his fans lined up for his autograph, but he was gracious enough to answer a question that has been raging in our household. Should babies get flu shots? Although he doesn’t recommend it at his office, he encourages families to do their own research and make their own conclusion. I always took my doctor’s advice with no questions asked, but I should really do my due diligence because who else should care more about one’s own family?

Spine Trumps Legs

I reached out to a Britax expert and asked if I should flip Baby Buck to forward facing since his legs were getting a little scrunched up.  Hopefully it never happens, but if we ever get into a car accident, protecting the still developing spine is higher priority than a slight discomfort of the legs.

Final Thoughts

At final count, we broke the world record with 1003 baby wearers! We now know how to put Baby Buck in our Beco carrier, I’m going to learn more about flu shots, and I’m going to keep Baby Buck rear facing as long as I can. Kudos to the MommyCon team for putting on a historic event and welcoming all visitors, including dads, with open arms and beaming smiles.

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4 Responses

  1. WOW! Great post! Thanks mate for sharing this with us.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I got my flu shot already. I’m always paranoid about them though. How do we know we aren’t being subjected to some weird thing the government is putting in us. And I always seem to get some kind of flu every January even though I’ve had the shot. Conspiracy!

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