Mind Over Matter Fail

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A few weekends ago, I had a brief moment to catch up with one of my out of town buddies. We didn’t have much time as we grabbed something from the car and headed back to the restaurant. He did share he was fighting some holiday blues. Since we ran out of time and I couldn’t delve more into the details, I quickly wrapped things up with a positive affirmation. Mind over matter, right?

The day after I felt like a heel and a hypocrite. Weeks prior as I was fighting a cold, I was in a very dark place. Physically drained, I tried to apply mind over matter and will myself back to normal with horrible results. There were a few items working against me.

Recently, I’ve been trying to be more positive. But when my illness set me back, my mind spiraled negatively for not meeting my higher expectations. Also since we were so close to the new year, I had hoped to hit the ground running in 2015. My hobbled by a cold reality was the furthest thing I had in mind. Now that my body is back to normal, here are a few reminders for dealing with future mind over matter fails.

Catch Up On Sleep

My mind was racing and wanted to be productive for the new year. However the best thing for all is to shut it down early and let my body rest. I remember staying up late to squeeze out more productivity as my son and wife slept. However I failed to see my effort was not top notch and I was just prolonging the recovery process. Shut it down and fight again another day. I will be in better shape to produce higher quality work. When my body was near collapse and I was forced to catch up on sleep, I felt much better. I need to be proactive and think bigger picture rather than wait till my body grinds to a halt to get much needed rest.

Know It Is Temporary

When I am under the weather, the discomfort and low energy level makes me feel like I will be sick forever. However, I need to remember and trust that my body eventually will recover. Rather than fixate on how uncomfortable I am feeling, I need to relax and stay positive. I can listen to music and entertaining podcasts, but should stay away from productivity media. Like I mentioned before, if my mind wants to be productive and my body is in no shape to follow, this causes a negative disconnect.

Be Thankful

Even though I feel horrible when I am sick, I need to take a step back and be grateful I am not dealing with a bigger issue. Since my body can’t do much anyway, it is the perfect time to reflect and be thankful for the blessings in my life. It is a reminder to not take things for granted. I will also feel more positive thinking about the people who I care about the most.

Final Thoughts

I need to be aware of my body’s baseline and recovery times. In a recent bout with pink eye, I postponed seeing a doctor because I thought I could naturally recover on my own. I also didn’t want to leave work early because we were really busy. In the bigger picture, all I did was endure more discomfort by prolonging the recovery process. I increased the time I could have infected my co-workers. I could have damaged my cornea by delaying antibiotic eye drop treatment. Instead of trying to be a hero, my health should be my number one priority.

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  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Very true advice. The mind is a powerful force for both good and bad, but we ultimately have the control over which direction we want to take ourselves.


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