Microsoft Store, Surface Debut; Credit For Trying Or Too Little Too Late

Did you catch the new iPad, iMac, and MacBook Pro? Poor Microsoft… The other day I dropped into a Microsoft Store. It looked and felt like an Apple Store with one huge exception. There were almost no customers! The workers were bored and talking amongst themselves. I browsed through their new tablets and couldn’t finger swipe anything. I use an iPad and iPhone so don’t mind me.

A nearby worker jumped in to assist and ran through a quick demo. It’s basically your Windows PC in tablet form. He was quite nimble with his Microsoft tablet and took the opportunity to remind me about the Surface debut this Friday, October 26, 2012. It’s a special day because it will be Microsoft’s first completely manufactured tablet combining hardware and software.

Final Thoughts

Was this poor guy on a sinking ship? Microsoft has been playing catch up to Apple for years. Is this too little too late? Should they be criticized for copying the Apple Store concept and cashing in on the tablet craze? Or should they be commended for fighting the good fight and not giving up? Only time will tell, right?

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12 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Unless they can show they are more consumer oriented, they should stick with their business model. Windows is the dominant software in the business world, but it is changing thanks to competition (Apple). Apple has changed the market for their products thanks to Steve Jobs. The trend is more mobility and personalization.

  2. Hunter says:

    Hey Buck, long time no contact. Your blog looks sharp, and I do like the 3-4 paragraph blog style. It reminds me of Bike Lane Living and the visual style that Jennifer and I are pursuing.

    Microsoft has really let it’s banding veer off where they want it to be. I now associate Windows with my desktops that run slower every month.

    Hope you’re doing really well.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Long time no see Hunter! Thanks the 3-4 paragraph blog style was not be design, but by necessity. My free time is totally eaten up by Baby Buck so I can’t write long whales posts anymore, haha. Microsoft has been slow in everything wouldn’t you say?

  3. Moneycone says:

    It looks like Microsoft has been caught off-guard in strange times! The world as they know is isn’t the same any more.

    I have little sympathy. The things MS used to do to kill competition was horrendous. They wouldn’t spare even smaller browsers like Opera during IE’s heyday. They purposely made their MSN home page to render horribly in Opera! When Opera found this out, MS settled out of court!

    MS had a good run, time for them to just go away.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      What comes around goes around MC? The story I enjoy is Microsoft investing in Apple when they were in trouble a few years back. What a turnaround!

      • Moneycone says:

        Ah yes! I remember watching it on TV when Jobs announced the partnership and when he mentioned IE would be the default browser on the Mac, the audience actually booed!

        Well on the flip side, MS must’ve made a ton of money on that investment! Apple shares have soared since then!

        • Buck Inspire says:

          I missed the announcement but that’s hilarious people booed. Not surprising though. Reminds me of a sports draft if an unpopular choice was made. Good point about their investment paying off. Wonder if Gates feels they missed the boat.

  4. AverageJoe says:

    I don’t necessarily agree. The Microsoft Store is a way for them to take an area where they’re crushing it (the XBox and Kinect) and show that there’s synergy between this system and other products. I agree, their stores aren’t “hot” like an Apple store, but is that anything new? They’re cool stores….just not “hot.” I’ll take a MSFT store over Hot Topic any day.

    As for Surface, maybe it’s late, but the Kindle Fire is pretty young and has gained some traction. Is Surface any different? Or is there so much focus because this is big bad Microsoft entering the fray?

    They were late with the XBox, which everyone said would fail. Now XBox is the #1 system out there. Thank goodness the Surface doesn’t look like the Zune did, or I think they’d be in big, big trouble.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Are you secretly Steve Ballmer? Haha. But seriously, excellent points Joe. I too would prefer a Microsoft Store to a Hot Topic. Not a big gamer so didn’t realize XBox and Kinect were killing. Good to know. You are very objective for bringing up the Zune. In terms of catching up, I was thinking along the same lines. Zune to iPod, Microsoft Store to Apple Store, and now Surface to iPad. I hope it does well. We can’t have Apple turn into the new Evil Empire, right?

  5. ‘Tis the season for an iPad mini. Guess it’s time to start buttering up the Mister. 😉

    I’ve noticed an avalanche of Microsoft commercials lately while browsing my favorite junk-ie shows online. (Vampire Diaries, cough. Heart of Dixie, cough cough.) Bing is trying its damnedest to compete with Google as the hip search engine of youth. Microsoft is trying to utilize everything in their arsenal, and admittedly I am curious about the quality of their tablets. But are they merely treading water at this point?

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Haha, butter him up good! Never caught Vampire Diaries, but Rachel Bilson is fun to watch at times. Did you get into Ringer? Anyway, I digress. Have to give them credit, they are trying. I did notice some Bing commercials, too. What is the alternative, close up shop and surrender? Guess not. Should be an interesting next few years.

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