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Now that I am back home, here’s my attempt at travel writing with a twist. It’s a business trip! Travel is travel, right? Here are some thoughts as I was about to head home. Funny as I reread my notes, it takes me back in time and space. I seriously should look into dusting off my Asia and Europe notes. Anyway, here it goes. 🙂

Seattle’s air is very fresh and doesn’t have additives like Los Angeles. It really was a breath of fresh air. However, it is a little dreary with gray skies and hand numbing cold. I should have brought my gloves!

Looking forward to returning home to the Mrs. and the routine. It was a nice little change of pace and my portion of the project was relatively successful. Don’t mind me while I chow down on some meatloaf sliders and BBQ pork.

Update: The BBQ pork ribs and meatloaf sliders were to die for. The succulent pork fell off the bone, glazed with a sweet barbecue sauce. I also practically inhaled the tasty mini burgers! 🙂

I’m off to the light rail train to Sea-Tac airport. I have just a few hours more until I return home to LA’s concrete jungle. Seattle in a nutshell, is a smaller version of San Francisco. Add some tall, green, trees, cold fresh air, and did I mention the trees? All you need to do is watch the Twilight movies and there you go. On second thought, don’t watch the Twilight movies because you might stab your eyes out. However, here’s a short clip below, just to get a feel for Seattle.

Business travel can be a little draining. Here are some tips to keep you going.

Up in the Air

Just like George Clooney galavanting around the country, make sure you sign up for all your respected frequent flier clubs (air, hotel, rental car, etc.). I don’t travel often so I haven’t signed up. But for all frequent business travelers, make sure you get something for all your hard work being a road warrior.

Go to the Gym

I was really beat, but a friend of mine encouraged me to hit the gym. Even though I was tired and didn’t want to, I decided to give it a shot. Nothing fancy or hard core, but the mini workout of weight machines and treadmill work actually gave me a boost I desperately needed. Will try and incorporate this into my routine when I get home. Also got a nice dose of ESPN which is a must for any red blooded male, right?

Dining Adventure

You’re in a new city. Go try a nice restaurant or a new cuisine. Nothing gets the body recharged better than a delicious meal in a nice restaurant. Yesterday, I tried Shilla’s teriyaki beef and chicken combo plate. The meats were delectable. Hot piping miso soup and wheat tea mixed with a cool, tangy salad really hit the spot. I am writing to you from the Icon Grill. Their Happy Hour is amazing. If we’re ever in Seattle again, I’m bringing the Mrs. as we love Happy Hours! Amazing drinks and food for half the price? Sign me up!

Go Metro

Ever since my epiphany in Asia, I’m going Metro wherever I go. I could have used a cab, but what better way to see the city, save some money, and save on gas than taking a ride on a light rail. Seattle’s rail is practically brand new. It opened in 2009. The trek from the airport to the downtown Westlake shopping center takes about 40 minutes. You do take a decent stroll from the airport to the train station, but they have clear signs so you can’t get lost. All in all, a good ride.

How do you maximize your business trips? Where is your favorite city for business travel? How was your last business trip?

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12 Responses

  1. MoneyCone says:

    Looks like you’ve been one hell of a time in Seattle! Did you get any work done at all, Buck? 🙂

  2. I was in Seattle on a business trip earlier this week. I go at least once a month during Summer/Spring and about every other month during the Winter. Since I’m in Portland I can’t get my boss to spring for airplane tickets as I need a vehicle when there as I have multiple locations I have to get too. I enjoy my trips to Seattle but I don’t like all of the driving I have to do.

  3. Mr. BP says:

    Thank’s for sharing that. I wish I got to travel with my job. Any excuse to get out of New Jersey for a little while (lol).

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