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Sorry for the delay folks. I know you were all anxiously awaiting the results. Thanks for your patience and participation, but we have a winner! The winner is Amanda from Frugal Confessions who will be trying her hand at Japanese.

After completing my first giveaway, here are some lessons learned.

Make your instructions as clear as possible, but even then, some contestants won’t enter your contest properly. To be fair, I diligently tried to catch all entries on Twitter and Facebook, but it did require some extra work.

Most of my entries came on the first three days of the contest. A few more trickled in a few days after. But in theory, I could have closed the giveaway after a week.

Just because you love your prize, doesn’t mean all your readers will feel the same. Granted there were many contestants who loved the prize, I actually expected more contestants. I need to keep my giveaway expectations in check.

Allow for time to contact the winner in case of unexpected emergencies. I need to add a rule for how long the winner has to claim the prize before moving on to another contestant. I am leaning toward a week.

Thanks again to all contestants for making my first giveaway a success! Congratulations to Amanda and hope she enjoys her crash course in Japanese. Arigato and Sayonara all!

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  1. Thank you so much for running this contest! I am excited to continue with Japanese (as in I stopped when I got out of college! Oh my).

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