BI 051: Making the World a Better Place by Delivering Happiness with Jenn Lim

Jenn Lim

A few months ago I listened to Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness audiobook. To say I was blown away would be an understatement. I was so inspired, I joined the Delivering Happiness movement and even made inviting Tony on my podcast a bucket list item. That chain of events led me here as I have the pleasure of learning more about the DH movement and interviewing its Chief Happiness Officer (CHO), Jenn Lim.

In addition, in this session you’ll learn about

What is the Delivering Happiness movement?

How was Jenn’s younger years in terms of happiness?

How is Jenn’s happiness level everyday?

Why did Jenn want to climb Kilimanjaro?

How does Jenn feel about bucket lists?

What’s Jenn’s advice for public speaking?

Learn more about the Delivering Happiness company

Who’s happier an entrepreneur or an employee?

What is your advice for someone wanting to start their own business?

Is ignorance bliss?

Jenn’s take on which one is more important “Who you know or what you know?”

What was Jenn’s childhood like?

See how Jenn reacts when I test her core value of “being true to your weird self” when I ask her what actress she would choose to play her in a Delivering Happiness movie.


Delivering Happiness Movement

Science of Happiness

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    Very nice interview!! Keep up the great work!

    Perspective….interesting point!

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