Making A Claim Following A Sports Injury

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Many of us may presume that injuries are a natural part of sport that cannot be prevented – and indeed, that is absolutely true. However, there are also some injuries that may not be regarded as ‘just another injury’ – perhaps because the contact that led to it was especially reckless or dangerous, or because the referee or umpire was not adequately fulfilling his or her role of supervising activity.

As a result, those people who suffer such sports injuries may want to choose an injury claims lawyer who can assist them with claiming compensation.

Am I really eligible to claim compensation?

Of course, you aren’t automatically entitled to compensation just because you have suffered an injury while playing sport – after all, it occurs on a regular basis. The widely accepted wisdom is that if you participate in sport, you accept the very real risk of personal injury. This means that personal injury compensation claims are reserved for very particular circumstances.

To make a successful compensation claim relating to a sports injury, you will need to be able to show negligence on the part of someone else. As well as players engaging in dangerous or reckless conduct, there may be cases of inadequate supervision or training. Alternatively, a pitch, court of other sporting facility may have a dangerous defect that could be blamed for a particular injury.

Sports injury compensation claims have also been made in the past as a result of a formal instructor or trainer not providing correct or adequate instruction, as well as equipment and facilities that are deemed poorly maintained or unsafe.

Proving negligence on someone else’s part

A successful sports injury compensation claim depends on establishing that the individual to blame had a duty of care towards you and that they breached this duty in a manner that caused your injuries.

What should I do?

As soon as you suffer a sports injury, you should obviously receive medical attention – not just so that your injuries can be addressed, but also so that a record can be made of the exact nature of your injuries. This medical evidence could prove to be a central component of your claim.

From back and spinal injuries to knee injuries and concussion, there is a wide range of sports injuries for which people have claimed compensation in the past. The right personal injury claims specialist will be able to help you to make the strongest possible case for compensation.


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  1. krantcents says:

    About 12 years ago, I had an accident with my bicycle. Someone opened their car door and I went flying! I broke my collarbone. I made a claim with my automobile insurance since the driver was uninsured. My insurance company went after the uninsured motorist, but I was compensated for my injury.

  2. I would think that you need to have some really good facts to support such a claim and it most cases you could not bring this action. But the advice and the possibility is very sound.

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