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In Julie and Julia, Julie wants to start a blog about cooking all the receipes in Julia Child’s book. In a critical turning point she gasps to her husband, “I have thoughts and I can write…” Well I have thoughts and I can write, too. I could write all day. But if you are looking to monetize your blog, I got some great advice from Smart On Money. Make sure to visit him at

To me the key to making a decent amount of money is to diversify your income sources, write lots of content, get backlinks, and promote promote, promote.

My best income sources include:

•adsense: by far the biggest. to do well with adsense you have to write about the right topics though. Check out other successful sites to see what they write about. similar topics should do well for you.
•CPM ads: If you can find a premium ad network that will accept you – and if you have enough traffic – this can be decent income as well. You’ll need to build up some traffic first though.
•Direct sold banner ads: If you can sell ad banners directly, it can do pretty well. The key is finding people who want them. The yakezie can definitely help in that regard.
•affiliate sites: sites like shareasale,, and a variety of credit card sites do pretty well for me as well. Promoting these works best with posts usually -reviews/etc. banners in the sidebars don’t tend to do as well.
•Your own info products: If you can come up with an ebook or other info product that people are willing to pay for, you can do pretty well with it. See for examples of that.
•get paid to sites: since you have a blog it’s a good place to promote “get paid to” sites like, swagbucks, ebates and others that will pay you for referrals.
•text link ads: I don’t sell these anymore because i’m wary of offending the big G (google). They don’t really like sold text links because it can be considered “gaming the system”, passing search engine cred for money. In any event, if you want to risk the page rank penalty or search penalties – it can be lucrative. at one point i was making over $1000/month from them – until i quit.
•Paid posting: I have become a staff writer at a couple of places in exchange for payment for each article. Usually in the range of $10-50 /article)
So there you go, a few options for monetizing.

Other things I’ve learned.

•less is sometimes more: I’ve found that my adsense ads do better when i have fewer ad placements on a page. I put one ad in a well placed location, and it tends to do better than say 3 ads on the page.
•Do your research: take the time to do some research as to what the popular and newsworthy items of the day are. Write about those things because people are searching for them.
•Content is king: having good content is key. The more you write, the more content that you have that gets indexed by google – and the more chances you have for coming up in the search engines.
•Do blog carnivals: participate in blog carnivals, they’re free backlinks, and backlinks are like gold.
•Don’t expect huge money right away, it takes time: I think it was 6 or more months before i made any real money. Have patience, it will come.
•Network with other bloggers and help each other: Sometimes blogging may feel competitive, but actually it’s more of a team challenge. If you can cooperate, give each other links and promote each other’s content -you all win.
Ok, so that’s enough for now.. Good luck!

Thanks again to Smart On Money and good luck to all of you, too!

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14 Responses

  1. Great advice from Smart On Money!
    I’m putting off monetizing for a while. I’ll build content and traffic first, then good things will follow. 🙂

  2. With Adsense, less can indeed be more. There’s some things I personally wouldn’t go for, simply because blogging is my hobby and passion, and I would never want to turn it into a job. So, I don’t think I could work for someone else as a staff writer. I love my independence. 🙂

    • buck says:

      I think of blogging as a hobby and passion, too. Funny, learning all this extra stuff like web design, SEO, and plugins. Fun stuff!

  3. Caught in your spam says:

    Pls consider adding a contact form… and Conditional Captcha. 🙂

  4. I have used AdSense, and I look for keywords in my niche that are not fully discovered, write a post, and get some good revenue in. The trick is using AdWords Keyword Tool, or something similar to find good terms.

  5. Aloysa says:

    I have adsense and amazon only and boy it is a very sloooow accumulation of cents. 🙂 It is going to be a long way to get to $100. As fas as other ads go, I haven’t try anything yet. I do need to build traffic first. What is considered a good traffic, do you know?

  6. Kenny says:

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