Magic Castle Magic With David Chen

Last time out, my post on Colonel Sanders and Tony Robbins bummed a few people out. Now back to our regular scheduled programming! A few weeks back, the Mrs. and I caught up with a few friends. It was a fun afternoon of catching up, eating good food, and sipping on some wine. We got an unexpected treat when her friend started entertaining us with magic tricks. Come to find out, he is a twenty year pro who works at the world famous Magic Castle. We were mesmerized!

Pick A Trick, Any Trick

This guy had the entire arsenal going. Close up, cards, coins, rings, rope, comedy, and mind over matter! The crowd went wild. I momentarily wondered, “Does he get bored?” I answered my own question as he gets brand new reactions and energy from new people and audiences he meets. He also told us that he needs to constantly create and try new tricks to stay fresh and on top of his game. He reminded me of a pro athelete wanting to stay ahead of the competition. Gotta respect that.

Living His Dream

He traveled the world, learning his art, and honing his craft. His magic tricks were top notch and it was a little mind boggling to have him perform so close to me. But what even shined brighter than his tricks was his infectious smile and passion for magic. He was beaming with pride whenever we asked questions. He told us endless stories about his life and a behind the scenes look at the biz. He was a master showman and even made a few guests his apprentices!

Final Thoughts

I left the party awe inspired by the show and envious as I met a man totally living his dream as an entertainer. He could have gone on for hours because magic is his true passion. You could see and feel it. He seemed to love to perform even away from work as he gets in more practice while bringing smiles and wonderment to his friends, old and new. Who can ask for more than that? Hopefully one day, I can make my way to the Magic Castle. If the other magicians are half as good as David, it will be a great time. In the future, I too want to bring smiles and wonderment to more readers. One can dream, but all it takes is a little… MAGIC.

Stay Inspired!

If you are in Hollywood, visit the Magic Castle. If you want a magical treat, contact David Chen at

I couldn’t find any clips of David, but I found one of his personal friends, Lu Chen. Enjoy!

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9 Responses

  1. Untemplater says:

    The world needs more magicians! My company hired one at a client party once and it really livened the mood and we all had a great time. There are a lot of cheesy magicians out that are great for kids but not so much for adults, so it’s great when you get to see super dedicated, creative magicians who make magic fun for all ages.

  2. I love magic and love to see it up close. My 12 year old son must love magic too since we have a book of magic tricks. He seems to have mastered several and I can’t begin to tell you how he does it. It looks professional.

  3. krantcents says:

    The Magic Castle is really cool! I have been there 2-3 times. My children learned magic from their English teacher who was a professional magician in elementary school. The children (whole class) performed for the parents. They learned a lot from that experience and much more than just the tricks. They learned how to present something in an engaging way.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Cool! You’re so lucky. Hope to get there one day. That’s great your kids learned magic. Presentation skills along with self confidence. Must haves to tackle the working world!

  4. There is nothing like following your passions and interests. Those who get paid for it, are very fortunate.

  5. Wow, cool magic show! He must have a bunch of things up his sleeves. hahaha. 😀
    It’s great to be living your dream and I hope to do it someday.
    BTW, i wrote a post on Zipcar last Friday.

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