Macklemore Partners in Crime

As I packed my bag to get ready to spend the day at the San Diego Zoo Safari Park, I stopped in the hotel lobby for my free continental breakfast. Have you ever wondered about other hotel guests? When I traveled more often for business, I often wondered what project they were working on, I wondered what industry they’re working in, I wondered if they enjoyed business travel. I would keep these questions to myself as I hurriedly ate my breakfast and prepared for my work day. Since this trip was personal, I decided to change the script.

I asked two girls eating next to me, what were they in town to see? They excitedly gushed that they were in town to see the Macklemore concert. I replied, “That’s cool! He’s awesome.” I enjoy his music and his original rapping style. Something about music and concerts just brings people together. Isn’t music the universal language?

The reason this conversation stood out as they continued to tell their adventures, they drove five hours from Arizona to see him. I drove six to seven hours before to see friends and family, but I never dreamed about driving more than an hour or two to see a concert. This is passion and dedication at its finest. As if that wasn’t enough, the two relayed that their car was towed and they had to spend an additional three hours to rescue their impounded vehicle. Younger concert goers were in tears and crying for their parents as this towing company possibly victimized 100 other concert goers.

Final Thoughts

Down $200 bucks and out three hours, they weren’t phased one bit. They would have liked to go to the zoo like I was going to, but since they were lighter in their wallets, they were going to spend the day at the beach before heading back home. I was reminded of Mrs. Buck, Baby Buck, and my friends from elementary school who all are my Thelma and Louises. What’s that saying? All you need are a few good friends, right? I summarized their memorable story by saying, at least you both have your partners in crime to get through these adventures together. They looked at each other and chuckled and simultaneously chimed, “Yeah.” I excused myself, thanked them for the lovely chat, and wished them a safe drive back home. They said the same and added “Have a fun day at the zoo.”

Would you drive five hours to see your favorite musician? Who are your partners in crime to get through life’s adventures?

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6 Responses

  1. Moneycone says:

    I have to respect their dedication! I hope the concert was worth the drive!

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    I often wonder about other guests at hotels where I’m staying and will frequently strike up conversations with them in the breakfast room. I like to know about other people.

    When I was younger I might have driven that far to see an artist, but even then I don’t know. Definitely not these days. Even more I’m not willing to shell out the big bucks to see a concert. I’ll just buy a CD or something.

    Be sure to check out my blog post today for the “What Works” marketing event we’ll be doing in January. This is right up your alley and might be a good one for you to participate in. It should reap a lot of visitors for you when it comes around and even before.

  3. They must be truly dedicated fans. I would never drive that far for a concert, but I certainly would to visit family. Too bad their car was towed.

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