Los Angeles Travel and Adventure Show 2015 Recap

Travel & Adventure Show 2015

In years past, I would go to the LA Travel & Adventure Show with no itinerary in mind. To any future travel show attendees, I recommend you have your vacations in mind to tap the many available resources there.

We don’t have any big trips coming up this year, but some friends of mine want to get together for a mancation next month. Since we live in both NorCal and SoCal, we decided to meet in the middle in Pismo Beach. Luckily for me, the Central Coast was in full force in the left aisles of the Long Beach Convention Center.

It was a madhouse as usual. After wading all the travel enthusiasts, I found myself at the Buellton booth. The representative was all smiles as she showed off her city’s colors of white and orange. After collecting pocket maps and first aid kits, I shared with her my road trip plans. Being 45 minutes south of Pismo Beach, she directed me to their booth. She knows them well through joint promotion projects. I marched on and thanked her for being so neighborly.

For more information, visit Buellton today.

At the Pismo Beach booth, I grabbed a flyer for ATV rentals and their travel guide. I chuckled with the representative saying it looks like you guys are known for ATVs. I mentioned the upcoming mancation and she referred me to their travel guide for other fun activities. With one weekend activity filled with ATV and an extensive travel guide to fill my other slot, my mission was accomplished. I now could spend the rest of the afternoon partaking in the shows many attractions.

For more information, visit Pismo Beach today.

Photo Booths

Korea Green Screen

The first stop on my green screen trip around the world was Korea. There were about 12 colorful breathtaking backdrops. I settled on one named Autumn Falls that show cased the many colors of Korea’s fall season.

Travel Channel

Next up was Travel Channel. They featured iconic backdrops from all over the world like the Venice canals and the Coliseum in Rome. I settled on Paris’s Eiffel Tower as it was my first European visit and the most memorable. Finally, at the Taiwan green screen, I selected the world famous Taipei 101. If you don’t know where that is, just search for YouTube videos for Taiwan New Year fireworks. Every year Taiwan has their amazing fireworks display here.

Samantha Brown Speaks

Photo Booth hopping was so much fun, I only managed to catch the last portion of Samantha Brown. She recommended downloading Google Translate for international travel as it is a handy tool for communicating with the locals. She took some time to take questions from the audience. She’s quite the comedian as she had the crowd in stiches by saying she keeps in shape and stays healthy by running between flights. She wrapped up her talk with a hilarious picture with Rick Steves. If she wasn’t such a popular travel host, she would have no problem hitting the comedy circuit.

Samantha Brown Rick Steves

Audience Engagement

Korea Mascots

Besides the photo ops, these booths made it fun for attendees with their own special flair. In Korea we were greeted by their adorable mascots. They were a hit with the kids.


In Japan we were greeted by a fierce, but friendly samurai. There was a cartoon cut out of Doreamon and Polaroid photo ops in their latest bullet train uniforms. We quenched our thirst with Yakult, tasty yogurt drinks.

Malaysian Dance

Attendees and Malaysian representatives in traditional garb danced the afternoon away listening to traditional Malyasian music.

Best in Show

Taiwan Lanterns

But the king of the hill as usual was Taiwan. They kept attendees busy with challenging games, Boba tea tasting, and musical performances with traditional instruments.

Chinese Horoscope

New this year, exhibitors told you about yourself through Chinese horoscopes after you like them on Facebook. Way to engage attendees via social media!

Techno Prince Dance

Last, but not least we were treated to the usual out of this world, Techno Prince Dance (San Tai Zi). At the end of the day, some lucky winners received round-trip tickets to Taipei and free upgrades.

For more information, visit Taiwan today.

Final Thoughts

As my Pismo Beach mancation is coming around the corner, I am relying on their travel guide to plan our activities. So far on my plate is ATV-ing through sand dunes, taking a kayak tour, and relaxing a bit with a round of bowling. I still need to lock in our dining spots but I am leaning toward sushi one night and a steakhouse another. Like I said before, travel shows can be a weekend of fun. But if you actually have a travel destination and time in mine, the LA Travel & Adventure Show provides a wealth of knowledge and expertise at your fingertips. Why not make your travel research a day trip itself?

For more information, visit Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show today.

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