Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show 2012 Recap

I caught up with Suba from Wealth Informatics and she asked about my flight around the world at the Long Beach Convention Center, who hosted the Los Angeles Travel & Adventure Show 2012. My arms sure are tired! All kidding aside, if you love to travel, this was the place to be. Tons of visitors felt the same as they came in record numbers.

Got Superstars?

Samantha Brown was back in full force. She spoke to a standing room only audience and her book signing line wrapped around the Taiwan booth a few times over. Andrew Zimmern came fashionably late to his book signing, but that didn’t dampen his fans. People love to travel as they snapped pictures and grinned excitedly as he made his way to the booth. Zimmern reminded his fans to be nice to each other. Way to look out Andrew!

Best of the Best

Are you planning a trip soon? Well there are travel agencies galore. The good news is they are the best of the best. I chatted with one of the Taiwan travel agents and he mentioned that all of the travel agencies at the Taiwan booth were hand selected by the Taiwan Tourism Bureau. I didn’t verify with other countries, but my guess is other countries would also follow this same practice. Why would a country risk a public relations nightmare by partnering with a fly by night, one man shop? As always, do your due diligence and verify.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for adventure, you could have tried a zipline, a scuba tank, and a new adventure, bubble rollers! For $7.00, you can walk on water in a human hamster ball. There were tons of pamplets, souveniers, food samples, and cultural performances. There was even a jumper for the kids. I visited countless countries and states and will highlight a few in the coming weeks. Most importantly, this show is a great first stop to your next adventure. After you get your personal finances in order, are you just going to hoard all your greenbacks? Traveling creates priceless memories. Last question for you. Got vacation?

Stay Inspired!

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16 Responses

  1. This sounds very exciting. I am happy it was such a memorable experience and will look forward to hearing of your travel exploits in upcoming weeks! That hamster ball sounds like a lot of fun. I think I’ll have to give one a try in the future!

  2. Travelling is my number one hobby. I love it. When I travel I like to experience everything from the local food to the exotic adventure sports or activities you can do. I have many albums of some crazy things I have done. It has always been worth it.

    Looking forward to your other posts.

  3. krantcents says:

    I am planning a vacation to (Venice) Italy departing on a cruise. I am relying on a travel agent to help me find some interesting things to do before we start the cruise.

  4. Glad you had a great time Buck. In addition to personal finance, travel is high on my priority list 😉

  5. I travel as much as absolutely possible!!! I love this post; I’m jealous that I wasn’t there…haha.

    My next trip is to Ireland in the spring. This past fall, I went to the Mexican Riviera and Greece. Still planning the epic adventure to Kilimanjaro!

  6. Awww… sounds like I missed a great show. I would definitely try out bubble rollers. Just reading this post made me want to take off and go somewhere. Too bad that travel is not a priority for us this year.

  7. My husband and I went to the LA Travel Show a couple of years ago and really enjoyed it. We heard Samantha Brown, Rick Steves and Arthur Frommer that year.

    We’ll definitely hit it up in the next year or two as we start planning a 2015 trip to Italy (20 year anniversary).

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I heard all of those speakers, too. They were great and very passionate about travel. Exciting, Italy and a 20 year anniversary coming up? Hope you share and you may need to share your secrets to a 20 year marriage as well!

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