Listen To Your Body, TGIF!

After my ProBlogger guest post, I was determined to ride the momentum to a new level. I was firing on all cylinders at work and pushing harder on my blog. I was working to wee hours in the morning, but as you might guess, this is unsustainable. The other day my throat felt funny and I felt sluggish. “This is your body talking. If you insist on sleeping four hours a day, we will shut you down for your own good. Thank you for your cooperation.”

I quickly went into recovery mode. Played a mindless game of online bingo, took a nap, took a hot shower, popped in some Airborne (I know this stuff doesn’t work, but I was desperate), and got a full eight hours of sleep. I am slowly getting back to normal, but if you get cold like symptoms in the middle of a hot summer, your body is sending you a message.

Reflecting, besides the ridiculous sleep schedule, I was more stressed than normal. My day job was getting busier and I was pushing myself to read and write more. Throw in a few other personal issues and I shouldn’t be surprised I was battling restless sleep as well.

Since working on half a tank is not very efficient, especially when I wanted to ride momentum higher, I am turning all energy to recovery. I can’t be running myself into the ground on four hours of sleep even if I am reading and writing some quality material. I can do it the next day! If you are feeling a little run down yourself, listen to your body before you actually get sick. TGIF and for all you Eighties fans, enjoy my current pick me up song of the moment from Katy Perry, Last Friday Night!

Stay Inspired!

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16 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    Nice video! Rest up and take care of yourself.

  2. My kids are dancing around as I type this. Have a relaxing weekend.

  3. Money Beagle says:

    That video has so many levels of awesome I can not even count. The Kenny G cameo is worth the time by itself.

  4. I’ve been there! Sometimes you get so excited about new projects and ideas that you wear yourself ragged. Rest up and slow down, and you will still accomplish everything you wanted to!

  5. Take some time to get caught up on your rest. I have done the same thing to myself from time to time and simply have to slow down.

  6. I ALWAYS used to get a cold right after my last final was over. It was like my body telling me that it doesn’t give a damn what else was on my agenda. It needs a break. Now, at the first sign of a cold I totally chill out for a couple of days so that it doesn’t linger on and on.

    Feel better.

  7. Whenever I’ve been pushing myself too hard my body turns around and says, ‘No thanks’ and goes into shut down mode.

    Have a good sleep and take care of yourself! Nothing’s more important than your health after all.

    Loving the video. Had a little swivel chair dance!!

  8. Andy@hoog in google says:

    I like this song and also music. I agree that we should listen to our body and we should stop when we are stressed. 7 to 8 hours of sleep is required everyday and if we sleep only for 4 hours during the day, we are going to feel weak during the day time.

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