BI 014: Listen to Offline Advice

When I am in content creating mode, I tend to follow tried and true methods from online superstars, friends, and colleagues. But don’t forget a very valuable, untapped resource; your offline friends. G and R, my listeners of the week, gave me two terrific pieces of advice. One starts with P and ends with assion while the second involves YouTube? Tune in to hear the whole story!

Stay Inspired!

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6 Responses

  1. Please share the name of the TV show, I’d love to see a few episodes!

    The thing that resonates with me in you PC this week is thinking carefree again like I’m 18 years old. I turned 40 this week and pass this milestone with mixed emotions but I feel like a weight has been lifted. I want to take on a whole bunch of things that I may have avoided in the past for fear of failure or whatever. The best is yet to come.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Haha. Those episodes are still stashed away in a vault somewhere. Who knows. One day I might share a clip or two. Happy Belated Birthday! 40 is the new 20, things get better with time like fine wine, and you’re right, the best is yet to come!

  2. I love that you follow a pattern in content creation. I think there’s value in rituals. BTW, I get A LOT of valuable insight offline (probably most of it comes from offline).

  3. Hunter or Gatherer says:

    Love the content BI! I’m sure you were very passionate about your public access show! And everyone loves enthusiasm, so I hope you get to hit that goal of passion and maybe even channel it into some YouTube!


    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks Hunter or Gatherer! So which one are you? Haha. Hopefully one day I can channel my energy into YouTube. Not sure if the world is ready to see my ugly mug, but thanks for the encouragement!

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