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With the LA Travel and Adventure Show coming around the corner I needed to prepare myself. Having gone last year I know it’s an all weekend extravaganza of travel. Last year we attacked the show pretty efficiently, but this year I want to do one better. Here are my tips for having a great show.


Bring a bottle or two because you will get dehydrated. Guaranteed. If you run out, you can fill up at water fountains throughout the facility. You will be marching through a packed convention center for hours on end so you need to continue to hydrate your body. If you are lucky a booth may provide precious bottles of water, but just like an oasis in the desert, they are few and far between.


As much as you need water, as the day goes on you’ll be needing extra calories to get you to the next booth, seminar, or activity. I’m sure the concession stand has tasty treats and meals, but they will cost you a pretty penny. On top of that, if you bring some fruits or energy bars, not only will you be eating healthy, you won’t have to stand in line and waste valuable time.

Physical Preparation

Get a good night sleep because you’re going to need it. This may sound silly, but you should stretch and limber up because you’ll be traveling a lot about on foot. Finally, make sure you wear comfortable footwear and clothes. In this case, it is better to feel good than to look good.

Amusement Park Planning

Just like how you would strategize going to Disneyland or Magic Mountain, you should do the same for the LA Travel and Adventure Show. More often than not, there will be more activities than you can fill in one day. Visit their website to plot out your day with demos, family activities, seminars, or booth hopping. You should also sign up for updates for last minute schedule changes. If you have no other choice, make sure you grab a program when you enter the convention center and plan on the fly. There are no fast passes here so use your time wisely.

Split up

If you are attending by yourself, skip to the next tip. If you are attending with a partner in crime, you need to plot out your individual schedules. Ideally you and your partner share the same travel interests. However if one person wants to hear Rick Steves while the other wants to attend a cooking demonstration at the same time, you have no choice but to split up. Just designate a meeting place when both of your activities are done.


Bring empty recycle bags or even carry-on rollers to consume all the swag and brochures. Most of the bags that are provided are plastic and over time the extra weight can do a number on your fingers. Be selective in what you grab. You don’t need ten maps of the same country. It will eat up valuable baggage space and burn up valuable energy in your arms and legs.

Ask An Expert

Where else can you go to freely tap the minds of your favorite travel gurus? During seminars, if time permits, there will be a question and answer session. If you are dying to ask a question to the likes of Rick Steves, Jean-Michel Cousteau, and Patricia Schultz, plot yourself next to the open mic and ask away!

Be Adventurous

Take advantage of the awesome family activities such as walking on water, a rock-climbing wall, and a zip line. I didn’t want to get wet and I zip lined on vacation before so I gave the rock-climbing wall a shot. It was exhilarating to hit the buzzer after scaling my wall. Give it a try!

Business Cards

If you’re looking to plan a vacation, why not lean on the travel expert or agent you just met? Make sure you grab their business card and flyer. There are usually specials and discounts associated with the show. Save money while going on your dream vacation and double your fun!

Final Thoughts

If you follow the tips above, you’ll be sure to have an amazing time at the LA Travel & Adventure Show. Don’t forget where you parked and do enter the raffle drawings. If you don’t enter, you won’t have a chance. Finally, go with an open mind, smile, and be friendly. Leave your shell at home because the exhibitors were selected for their warm personalities and are trained to welcome you to their destination. Work with them and enjoy each other’s company and hospitality. Good luck and take your first step to your dream vacation.

For more information, please visit LA Travel & Adventure Show today.

Stay Inspired!

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  1. krantcents says:

    Travel is getting more expensive in 2013 so any tips or help is needed. I also heard it will be more difficult to use frequent flier miles. I will have to start planning soon.

  2. Arlee Bird says:

    These are great tips to use for any trade show or other similar large event. A large exhibition is really a lot of work!

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