KidsFest San Diego 2014 Recap

KidsFest San Diego

It was a beautiful weekend of sunshine and clean air when we drove down south to historic Liberty Station in Point Loma, San Diego. We were whisked away to zones of creativity and imagination spread across 100,000 square feet of interactive fun.





Bubble Zone

One of Baby Buck’s favorite spots was the Bubble Zone. He’s in his ball phase right now and balls of many colors and sizes kept babies and toddlers occupied for quite awhile. Parents could catch their collected breath as the kiddies could safely frolic, kick, and bounce as many “bubbles” they could get their hands on.


Raise the Roof

Another zone Baby Buck spent a ton of time in was Raise the Roof. Colorful streamers stretched across several canopy frames. I don’t remember having the urge to tug on streamers, but watching the kids go crazy here reminded me of cats chasing balls of string.


It’s Party Time Mr. DJ!

We may have a musician in the house. Next to the DJ stage, Baby Buck jumped along to music with hula hopers and didn’t want to leave the bongo drum jam session. We may need to look into musical extracurricular activities real soon.

Final Thoughts

Although we were mainly there for my toddler, I couldn’t help but feel like a kid again. Honest Tea kept us hydrated with their delicious juices while Pretzel Crisps and Clif Bars fought off our munchies. The good folks at Rock Church entertained us with cool balloon animals and a muppet interview session with green screen and all. Special thanks to Dharma and Brendi for their warm welcomes. Like I told you on Twitter, I had a blast!

For more information about KidsFest San Diego, please visit today.

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