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New Wave Restaurant

The highlight after an amazing Super Bowl XLIX was my first visit to New Wave Restaurant and Bar. Its theme is the 80’s. How awesome is that? When I first walked in, it was darker than I preferred. I was picturing Planet Hollywood mixed with the cafe in Back to the Future II. Carefree, fun in the sun times. Who knows perhaps they were channeling the Smiths and the Cure?

Happy Hour Specials

I got two Sunday specials, a Corona and cheesy tater tots. A friendly DJ donning a Seahawks jersey was setting up mics and monitors. We shot the breeze about the historic Super Bowl and commiserated about his team’s ill fated call to end the game. He took it in stride as he finished prepping for Karaoke Night.

Cheesy Tater Tots

He gave me a song book and some regulars were already lining up their requests. As I downed my liquid courage I thought, I have to get in on this action. Last year as I was ramping myself to speak on stage, a challenge I gave myself was to hit a amateur stand up comedy night. My goal totally derailed, but I thought why not follow through by hitting a karaoke stage?

I eventually hit the stage and gave my rendition of Spandau Ballet’s Only When You Leave. I thought I did pretty well. Here are some takeaways for anyone who wants to conquer a karaoke stage soon.

Comfortable Song

It was difficult flipping through all the amazing artists in the song book. I eventually landed on this one because there are no tough high notes and it stayed comfortable in my normal vocal range. The powerful chorus endings were dramatic, but easy to hit. I didn’t want my voice cracking due to nerves.

Power Through

I have to admit, there were some parts of the song where I was off key. Rather than flinch and draw attention to the misstep, I kept singing and powering through. For those unfamiliar with the song, they wouldn’t know any better.

Eye Contact

Since I didn’t have my song memorized I relied on the lyrics monitor displays. Thankfully they were placed throughout the room. I made it a point to look at each one instead of staring straight in the center. Hopefully it got the entire room involved and gave a more confident and professional feel.

Hand Placement

Even though I wasn’t nervous, I was a little unsure about what to do with my hands. I clutched the mic stand and did my best Steven Tyler impression. I need to work on instrumental transitions. When I wasn’t singing, I rubbed my hands and placed a hand in my pocket totally dropping out of performing mode. The regulars danced with their song which leads me to my final point.

Have Fun

I did have fun during my performance, but a singer named Pooh took it to another level during her version of Luther Vandross’s Any Love. She asked how the crowd was doing, danced along without a care in the world, and even called out remix as she improvised and rapped out a few of her own lyrics. Her positive vibe was the highlight of the evening. I went over to give her kudos for her performance and she returned the love by saying, “I was feeling you too!” Good times all around. The only question left is “What song am I going to sing next?”

For more information on the New Wave Restaurant and Bar visit New Wave Restaurant and Bar today.

In case you were wondering, here is the band Spandau Ballet and the song that I sang, Only When You Leave.

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2 Responses

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Forget Spandau Ballet I want to hear your version!

    Didn’t realize you were such a rock star. Pretty cool story. Your performance tips are very professional.


    • Buck Inspire says:

      You’re too kind Lee! Don’t know if I qualify as a rock star. Just trying to push my envelope and dabble with the performing side which you are quite familiar with. Thanks again!

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