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Tony Hsieh Delivering Happiness

I apologize to my fellow Bucket List Challenge participants for changing course mid stream. Things didn’t quite work out for my next bucket list item. But perhaps it was a blessing in disguise. I got some very direct and constructive feedback about my Bucket List Challenge.

Bucket List Happy Medium?

Crossing events and activities like the Renaissance Faire from my bucket list almost cheapens the term bucket list. I countered, for someone who habitually puts off attending special events and activities in the first place, I was using the bucket list as a tool to change my deeply ingrained behavior. However, I do see the point that going to the Renaissance Faire doesn’t quite stack up to traditional bucket list items like jumping out of an airplane or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro. How could I find a happy medium?

Leave Your Comfort Zone, Remember?

The biggest difference between my original bucket list item that can be categorized as an event or activity and more traditional bucket list items is the level of comfort. The Renaissance Faire pushed me to partake in an activity, but jumping out of an airplane or climbing Mount Kilimanjaro would push me out of my comfort zone. After being inspired by Tony Hsieh’s Delivering Happiness, I knew I found my happy medium. Very punny right? But seriously, I had found my next Bucket List Challenge item.

Revved Up!

The book was exhilarating, educational, and entertaining. I haven’t felt this fired up since attending BlogWorld LA back in 2011. If you recall, I quickly whipped up a speaker proposal and fired it off to the bigwigs who ran the show. This time around, I felt compelled to reach out to Tony, share my enthusiasm for the book, and invite him to the Buck Inspire podcast. You might be wondering, where is the level of discomfort here? I invite you to listen at the layers of negative backtalk I had to cut through.

Why would the CEO of a billion dollar company, Zappos, waste time in your silly pipsqueak podcast? Are you insane? Who do you think you are? Don’t embarrass yourself!

Encouraged by Joe of Stacking Benjamins and how he’s grown his podcast by inviting many successful people on his show, I powered on. Here was my email plea.

The Architect or Morpheus?

Hi Tony,

I just finished listening to your audiobook, Delivering Happiness, and I
have to say I was blown away. I’m sure you don’t need any more
compliments, but this was a perfect combination of storytelling,
philosophy, and inspiration.

I’m an ABC so your breakdown of the Asian culture ranking system at the
beginning of your book resonated with me. Although I was lucky my parents
did not totally follow the ranking system, I’ve seen this happen time and
time again with my other friends. Looking back, although this ranking
system is sometimes comedic, wouldn’t you say that it somehow made you the
success you are today?

I also enjoyed your final chapter that featured your interview. The host
stressed asking excellent questions make for great interviews. I have one
for you. You seem to be a fan of the matrix as am I.

Do you consider yourself more like the Architect or more like Morpheus?

Finally, if I am ever in Las Vegas I’ll make sure to visit your campus.
It sounds like quite an experience. I know you are a busy man, but when
you have a moment and are not too busy changing the world, I extend an
invitation to be a guest on my podcast. Here is a link to one of my
Inspiring Interviews.

Thank you for inspiring me to pursue my passion and purpose.

Earth Paging Neo

A few days go by and I moved on. Tony is probably working on his next best seller or next billion dollar deal. Then one morning, I got an email back from Zappos. Cue Keanu Reeves in the Matrix please, “Woah”.

One of Tony’s Delivering Happiness sidekicks responded on his behalf. He gets 2,000 emails a day so he has a team to help go through emails in a timely fashion so everyone who writes in gets a good email experience. How’s that for customer service? To sum things up, I have some bad news and good news. I usually like to hear the bad news first and end with good news as a pick me up.

Final Thoughts

The bad news is Tony has yet to respond to my invitation. The good news is Zappos’ public relations company did forward my request on to Tony. Zappos also sent me their world famous culture book. It is filled with pictures and tons of anecdotes from happy Zappos employees. It felt like a high school yearbook, but it is from a billion dollar company. How cool is that? On my next trip to Las Vegas, I will definitely sign up to tour their campus. Finally, I also joined their Delivering Happiness movement. I felt happier and more energized. All because I continued on the Bucket List Challenge. I stretched myself, got uncomfortable, and followed through from thought to action.

What makes you happy and energized?

Stay Inspired!

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8 Responses

  1. Hey, that’s pretty awesome that you reached out like that. Tony’s book was very inspiring and I’m looking forward to hear more from him.
    I need to stretch more too. Have you heard of this guy – Jia Jiang. I just saw his “rejection vs regret” talk on TEDtalk. He’s pretty good. You should check him out.

  2. krantcents says:

    I tried these things before and the odds are against you! Who cares! If you connect, you landed the big one. You should put out a lot of these requests, because it is all about the numbers.

  3. I have to give you a lot of props Buck for going after your dreams! If you don’t make the effort you’ll never get there! Thanks again for encouaging me to go after some of my dreams!

    I don’t necessarily look at “bucket list” items having to be something that takes you out of your comfort zone, in fact many items on my list consists of things that are totally in my comfort zone. I would love to play golf at Pinehurst #2, travel to europe, and ski a blue slope this season. I have no desire to “stretch” myself as a person and jump out a perfectly good airplane!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      My pleasure Paul! Your enthusiasm for the Bucket List Challenge has inspired me to continue my dream journey and encourage others to do the same. I should be thanking you! I understand what you are saying about comfort zones. You sound very comfortable in your skin so it makes total sense. Golf at Pinehurst, traveling to Europe, and skiing a blue slope sound wonderful. Please do write about it so we can share in your fun. Thanks again!

  4. Arlee Bird says:

    Personally I think a lot of those jumping out of an airplane, climbing a mountain, and other similar bucket list items are kind of cliched. I thought the Renaissance Faire idea was cool and original. After all you had never done it before. I don’t think every bucket list has to consist of spectacular items.

    The attempt to contact Tony Hsieh is a good one. I’ve tried to get a few people of note on my blog as well. Who knows when you’ll strike one who will answer your call and maybe give you a viral post. Nothing happens if you don’t try and each try teaches you something and gives you a bit more confidence.

    I hope Tony answers yes. But I know he’s a busy fellow.

    Good luck!

    Tossing It Out

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks for the support Lee! You really don’t know which one will strike. The best way really is to keep shooting for the stars. I’ll keep you posted if Tony comes around!

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