Improve Yourself Cain Velasquez!

Cain Velasquez WinsLately I’ve been swamped with end of the year projects, closing on a new house, preparing to move, and caring for Baby Buck. To blow off some steam, I had a guy’s night out watching UFC 155. It was just what the doctor ordered.

One of my friends was visiting from out of town to spend the New Year’s with his family. Since he is a huge MMA fan, he rallied the troops to watch Dos Santos vs Velasquez II. Last year at UFC on Fox 1, Dos Santos destroyed Velasquez with a crushing right in about a minute’s time. No one was giving Velasquez a chance as Dos Santos has been eating everyone alive.

As the bout neared, my friends discussed who we were rooting for. I gave my canned answer, “My heart is rooting for Velasquez so he can redeem himself. But my head is choosing Dos Santos because of his track record.” Just before the bell rung, I gave a more definitive answer. “I’m rooting for Velasquez. Let’s get it on!”

I’m not going into the fight details. But it was a great fight. I lost my voice from cheering. Long story short, Velasquez turned the tables and hammered Dos Santos for five rounds. After he reclaimed his belt, I was inspired by Velasquez’s answer when asked how he reacted to his crushing defeat in the first fight. He simply said, “I wanted to improve himself.”

Final Thoughts

It looks like it worked Cain! He easily could have listened to his naysayers. Psyched himself out because of his past performance. Thrown in the towel even before the fight started. He showed everyone he had other things in mind. As I am constantly trying to improve myself as a person, husband, father, son, friend, and writer, this is the perfect push going into the new year. Rather than look at the negativity that sometimes creeps up in my life, like Cain Velasquez, I am also going to focus on improving myself.

How do you plan to improve yourself next year?

Stay Inspired!

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2 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    This is why I love sports! An underdog can and does win. Isn’t sports a metaphor for life? Anyone can win or succeed.

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