Hunger Pangs and Time Warner Scam

Fiesta Mozzarella Garlic Sausage

Since I had two servings of chicken, I wanted to select another type of meat for day two’s lunch and dinner. For lunch I had a fiesta blend of vegetables and a mozzarella roasted garlic sausage. It was delicious. As usual, I diligently arranged the vegetables and meat for presentation’s sake. I gleefully paraded it for Deana and Mary. They both chuckled at my antics. Mary jabbed, “We’ll see if you are still eating that stuff in a month.” We will see indeed.

After lunch, I felt unsatisfied as I could easily have eaten another serving of veggies and sausage. One of the hugest benefits of eating Personal Trainer Food is the time savings. I’m done in no time so I actually have lunch break time to spare for running errands. Borrowing Mary’s Survivor Greatest Hits CD, I rocked all the way to Time Warner. Have you noticed Survivor kind of sounds like Journey? I wonder how Steve Perry feels about Survivor’s sound. “Hey, they sound kind of like me!”

A few weeks back, I got an email from Time Warner, my internet provider, that they were upgrading my internet service for free. Nationwide customers can get internet speeds of up to 50 Mbps. To take advantage of this, customers would need a new cable modem. Digging deeper, I finally realized that I was leasing my cable modem for $5.99 a month. After a year and ten months, I gave Time Warner $131.78 in cable modem leasing fees. I quickly bought a new DOCSIS 3.0 Zoom Cable Modem from Best Buy for $69.99. It is a scam that Time Warner didn’t allow me a chance to buy a cable modem from the get go. This was a reminder to read all the line items in your bill.

When I got to my local Time Warner office, it was packed. It looked like a very busy bank. Customers were lined up to pay their bill or get equipment. There was even a ticket machine to determine where you were in line. The immense crowd made me ask the security guard of equipment drop off options. He pointed to the line at the far right which was designated for equipment returns. After a fifteen minute wait, I gave them back their old equipment and stopped their scam once and for all.

California Italian Meatballs

For dinner, I had a California blend of veggies and four Italian style meatballs. I added some garlic dressing to the vegetables to add some flavor. It was so delicious that my son threw a fit and devoured one of my meatballs. I ate a fried egg and some of his leftover rice. I hope this doesn’t throw me off too much. But the hunger pangs were in full force and I could not survive the night on just three meatballs. I recalled my Subway foot long marinara meatball sandwich from last week contained seven to eight meatballs piled with vegetables. Thankfully my stomach hasn’t grumbled and made me keel over in hunger just yet. Day Two and I am already off track. This will be a long next few weeks.

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2 Responses

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    You appear to be eating the way I should eat. I think I would always be hungry though.

    Every company is out to scam us legally. There should be laws against it.


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