How to Set and Achieve Your Goals… Everytime

As we wind down another year and look forward to the start of a new one, I wanted to look for alternatives to my “make today better than yesterday” approach. This infographic does just that.

How do you wrap up the current year and set goals for the next year? Do you make resolutions?

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How to Set and Achieve Your Goals... Everytime

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12 Responses

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    I wish it was such a guaranteed formula, but as outlined here this process usually works to some degree. I can see how this is kind of the process I’ve used when I’ve attained goals.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I tried the Secret approach which was great if I was in a very ambitious mode. But when life happens, it’s easy to fall off track. I’m going to give the goals approach a try and see if I get better results. Will keep you posted!

  2. krantcents says:

    I am a big use of SMART goals before they were even called that. The key to success with goals is monitoring your progress. If you are not progressing toward your goals, you need to adjust your efforts.

  3. I’m usually not a fan of infographics, but this one is right on target. I practice all of those strategies. And I pick myself right up when I’m down.

  4. I tend to follow the right-hand side of the flow chart. I set a goal, write it down, create daily tasks, focus on the process, measure daily success, meet the goal.

  5. moneycone says:

    I’m a believer of LOA… this infochart is spot-on Buck!

  6. Writing down your goals is crucial, the more public you make a goal the more likely you will follow through on it. Inviting accountability into your goal setting is powerful.

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