How Big Is The Coupon Industry?

Back in the day I loved receiving my Sunday newspaper so I could buy my favorite products with a coupon. Can anyone say double your pleasure? Nowadays, coupons come in all different shapes and delivered through all different kinds of media.

Do you still use old school newspaper coupons? If not, what format do you use now? Do you buy coupons from sites like Groupon and Living Social?

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4 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    My wife receives the coupons electronically. The store clerk swipes supermarket card and it is done. Technology is a wonderful thing.

  2. Very interesting infographic. We still do the Sunday paper thing as well as a little Groupon at times. That’s normally the extent of our coupons, unless we’re shopping online that is.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      It’s actually kinda fun leafing through the Sunday coupons, just like a magazine. But you can’t beat the convenience of having discounts zapped to your phone!

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