BI 028: Help A Reporter Out (HARO) Cured My Insanity

Today’s Blogger of the Week is Eddie of Finance Fox. He’s been at the game for about two years and he’s totally found his voice and is taking no prisoners. Check out his honest and in your face post, You’re Not a Writer, and You Probably Will Never Likely Be One… Unless… I need to learn a thing or two from Eddie and find my voice while not caring about what other people think. If you don’t like it, he could care less. We need more unique points of view and personalities like this!

Where was I? Oh yes, are you insane or do you sometimes act like it? What I mean is do you do the same things over and over at times expecting a different result? After shooting out of the gate with my first two Inspiring Interviews (Shaindy Alexander of RiNGLEY Natural Teething Toys and Crystal Stemberger of Budgeting in the Fun Stuff), I hit a wall, big time.

Schedule conflicts, unexpected events, even guests getting ill at the last minute derailed my new podcast series. I just kept going with the flow, “Eh, what can you do?” A few weeks of rationalizing and acting insane, I needed to get myself back on track. The momentum and good form I achieved were slipping away. I turned to Peter Shankman’s creation, Help A Reporter Out (HARO). I’m thinking when Peter created this, he had dreams of being the ultimate connector between reporters, writers, and experts to sources, publications, and other media outlets. Never in his wildest dreams would he ever hear someone say that HARO can also cure insanity.

Do you have tips on how to best use HARO? When you are stuck in a loop, what method do you use to break the cycle?

For more information, visit Help A Reporter Out today.

Stay Inspired!

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10 Responses

  1. AverageJoe says:

    Great show, Buck. HARO is a fantastic resource. What a horrible problem to have! Too many interviews! 😉

  2. Frank Strong says:

    Awesome! Many thanks for mentioning HARO — indeed a valuable tool!

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    I left a comment at Eddie’s site but I guess it must have gotten swallowed into his spam folder.

    I’ve never heard of HARO, but I’ve saved the address for future reference. It might come in handy someday.

  4. I am subscribed to HARO but haven’t reached out yet… maybe I should start!

  5. Love HARO and use it both to reach out and for future post ideas! It’s a great tool, and because of it I’ve been mentioned in a ton of cool places!

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