Hello iPhone 5, Goodbye Old Mindset

After dealing with a data plan overage scare, I finally got my hands on my new iPhone 5. As you can tell, I’m not a fanboy as I waited for a month. Better late than ever as my old 3GS was just not cutting it anymore. What did I think? For a second I thought of videotaping the box opening, but that’s a bit too much. Here’s the tale of the tape!

What A Box

I’ve proclaimed this to friends before, but Apple boxes are pieces of art. Incredible design and it’s breath taking just opening them up. If the boxes are this great, no wonder what’s inside the box adds up to the most valuable company in the world.


I thought voice activated commands was a waste of time, but I quickly ate those words. I tested Siri and directions to my closest shopping center. I recall a friend sent me an email using Siri while he was driving. I hate to say it, but that email was the most concise and easy to understand email he has ever sent me!

Need For Speed

Like I mentioned before, my 3GS was grinding to a halt. It would take a couple of seconds to open up applications or my camera. There were times my app would crash as well. As for my camera, priceless pictures were lost because of the slight delay.

Camera Quality

I quickly snapped up pictures and video of Baby Buck. The quality improvement over the 3GS was mind-blowing. HD quality? Get out of here! Now I also don’t have to worry about missing a shot.

Size Matters, Sharper Screen

You immediately notice the difference of the bigger screen and how thin and light it feels in your hand. The unbelievable Retina Display is a feast for your eyes as every icon is crystal clear.

Final Thoughts

The biggest feature improvement isn’t even on the phone itself. I have finally embraced a new mindset. In the past, squeezing nickels and dimes for savings provided great joy. However, unknown to me at the time, I was sacrificing time and efficiency. To be honest, the value of the money I was saving trumped any time or energy saved.

I was quite status quo, saving via the Latte Factor, and merrily making the best of what was given to me. This mindset kept me out of financial trouble and for that I am thankful. But I never really pushed my envelope or thought outside of the box. A friend of mine reminded me working smarter is better than working harder. So true as I finally understand the meaning of “Time Is Money”. Don’t mind me as I have to get back to my new iPhone to pay my bills, check my social media, and take more priceless pictures of Baby Buck.

You may or may not have an iPhone, but more importantly is your current mindset better than the one before? If not, what can you do to “upgrade” it?

Stay Inspired!

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13 Responses

  1. Moneycone says:

    Great review Buck! There is a reason Apple’s share prices are insanely high – there still isn’t a phone that is as well integrated as the iPhone.

  2. krantcents says:

    I haven’t made the leap yet. I can’t justify the cost nor do I want to be connected 24/7. That may change next year, but not yet. Nice review! If I do take the plunge I will get an iPhone.

  3. Still hanging on to my iPhone 4 for now. I don’t know if Im going iPhone 5 or just waiting to see if they bring out the 5s or 6. They are starting to release things to quickly for me but I really like the products. I like the 5 for all the reasons you mentioned. It is really light as well!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Sounds like a plan. I agree. They are releasing products at an amazing rate. People are still lining up to buy them! I hear the iPhone 4 is still a solid phone. My jump from 3GS to something new was sorely needed. Thanks Thomas!

  4. I’m not an apple fanboy, I’m on the android side but I still liked your review because my wife is itching for one of them Iphone5s 🙂

  5. How was little Bucky’s Halloween? Lexi the little rascal was swimming in a ‘roo outfit that I found on consignment for $3. You’ll have to head over to the link below to check out the wee one in her nifty threads!

    Ah, yes, Apple. LOVE the quality of their products; sexy and sleek. And, most importantly, durable. I never would have bothered with an expensive Apple until my significant other bought me an iPod as a birthday gift. It was worth every freakin’ penny and quite honestly kept me sane throughout countless hours of nursing the butterbean.

    I would rather save for the quality product than buy a cheap, clumsy alternative. As long as the quality is there, I no longer object to forking over the dough!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Little Bucky was a little tiger! Looks like Lexi had fun! Wow, costume for $3? Nice! I actually got a hand me down. Cute costume and save money at the same time? Can’t beat that. As for Apple, I didn’t get what all the buzz was about until recently. The iPhone 5 really does make every day things easier to do.

  6. Monica says:

    I’ll begin in the traditional manner: how the thing actually feels in the hand. With the iPhone 5 there will be many types of prospective buyer: the upgrader from the 4 (or more-money-than-sense iPhone 4S upgraders), those tired of their Android handset and those taking their first steps in the smartphone market and want to get one of them iThingies their friend/child has.

  7. Great review but I’m fan of Android. It looks like Google voice is faster than Siri now.

    What do you think about Android devices?

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Honestly I’ve been playing with some Android devices at work and they are pretty slick. There were times I thought it outperformed my iPhone 5. Competition is a good thing as consumers have more choices and rivals will have to keep outdoing each other. In the end, I’m so used to the iOS way of doing things. Hard to teach old dogs new tricks, haha.

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