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  1. krantcents says:

    HSA and FSA accounts should be checked for balances in December to clear it out by year end.

  2. PKamp3 says:

    Slightly OT – but I got married in August, so my HSA limit doubled (and my monthly contributions more than tripled). It was pretty funny to figure out my new exemptions and still have a ‘take-home pay cut’ with the HSA contributions.

    My taxes are going to be a mess this year…

  3. MoneyCone says:

    Good move Buck! One reason I hate anything with a recurring maintenance fee.

  4. J.D. Roberts says:

    My brother had a health emergency a few years ago that set him back significantly. I believe having your own emergency fund is absolutely essential. Its amazing how quickly a visit to the ER and two nights in a hospital can put you in a debt equivalent to purchasing a new small car. Long story short, he had to file for bankruptcy and almost lost his home. I advise everyone try to stash away at least 10K to weather any unpredictable storm that arrives.

  5. Good advice. Over a lifetime, the number of accounts we have open grows enormously!

  6. I wonder if you could argue that since you were not funding the HSA, there was no maintenance required? Naaah, prolly a waste of time. We have 529 accounts established for our children and the default annual fee is the max, for out-of-state residents. I have to contact them manually to request a fee reversal and prove that we are residents. This happens regularly as the State changes administrators ALL THE TIME. K, rant over.

  7. 101 Centavos says:

    *HATE* maintenance fees on inactive accounts. It’s a bit like taxation for unused services, isn’t it?

  8. KATHLEEN says:

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