Graco Changing Table: Old Dog New Tricks

We all know how unhandy I am especially if we look at Identity Crisis or Self Improvement. Inspired by Hunter’s (Financially Consumed) Install Your Own Toilet and Save Money project, I stepped up to put together my baby’s changing table. Yes, I know. Don’t call me Bob Vila just yet, but in my world, this is a pretty big deal.

Follow Instructions

I think guys like to glaze over instructions. It’s in our wiring. But to make the assembly go smoothly, one should really take some time to go over the instruction manual. It was written up for a reason. There are usually helpful pictures that go along with the step by step procedures.

Look For Clues

Although a changing table is pretty straight forward. I did run into a little snag. Most of the rails had a channel for base boards. The top two rails were flushed so I couldn’t tell which way was up. Looking at the other rails, I noticed the nail was on the inside. To keep things consistent, I installed the top two rails in the same fashion.

Make It Fun

If you don’t enjoy Do It Yourself projects, putting a simple item together can be a chore and a pain. Try to have fun with it and let your imagination go. Just like a magician sliding blades into the mysterious box where the beautiful assistant is supposedly being sliced up. I did the same with my three base boards. Abracadabra!

Final Thoughts

By following instructions, looking for clues, and having fun with it, not only did I temporarily overcome my unhandiness, I also put my body and mind to work too. Amazing what a baby can do.

Stay Inspired!

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6 Responses

  1. This little venture may have been trying on your nerves, but it’s something you will always be able to say you did for your baby. I say, Way to Go!

  2. krantcents says:

    This is when you start to put together a changing table, then toys, bicycles etc. It is a great time in your life, enjoy it.

  3. Oh man, once my roommate and I put together chairs and a table from IKEA and we were ALWAYS nervous about sitting in the chairs! We were worried we hadn’t put them together correctly and we thought we’d end up breaking them.

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