GANGNAM STYLE / 2 LEGIT 2 QUIT Mashup Thank You Roundup

Back in the nineties, my friends and I were going crazy for MC Hammer much like everyone is going crazy for PSY and Gangnam Style today. So when the two joined forces during the American Music Awards, I couldn’t believe it! It did remind me to be thankful of fellow bloggers who work hard featuring my posts or arranging them in a carnival. Thank you! It’s like we are joining forces like PSY and MC Hammer.

The big question is “Are you Gangnam Style or are you Hammer Time?”

Stay Inspired!

Featured By

The Free Financial Advisor posted
Blog Post of the Week! by Sandy from Yes, I Am Cheap
and featured BI 030: Whitegate PR Dana Humphrey

Family Money Values posted
Excuses, Excuses, Excuses!
and featured The Psychology of Wealth Review Roundup Giveaway

Marco Paolo Chocolates posted
Named Best in Show
and featured Los Angeles Chocolate and Artisan Fragrance Salons 2012

Frugal Rules posted
Frugal Friday: Posts That Ruled This Week, Thanksgiving is NEXT Week Edition!?
and featured Two Year Blog Review By Looper Buck Inspire

Carnival Features

My Multiple Incomes posted
Carnival of Money Pros – Multiple Income Stream Edition
and featured Stock Success: Can You Handle It Cam Newton?

Club Thrifty posted
Lifetyle Carnival – November 11, 2012
and also featured Los Angeles Chocolate and Artisan Fragrance Salons 2012

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6 Responses

  1. Moneycone says:

    Gangnam style is taking over the world Buck!

  2. krantcents says:

    This has become a phenomenon! What can he do next? It is a tough act to beat yourself.

  3. Arlee Bird says:

    I go back further than those. I’m still doing the Twist.

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