BI 057: Forget Resolutions, My 2014 Things to Change

Happy New Year! Do you believe in resolutions? I don’t! Last year my resolution to live today better than yesterday failed miserably. This year I have three things to change. (In my podcast I called them themes. I got mixed up with Ramit’s 2013 theme of The Year of Taking Control. Someone please cut me off from the champagne!)

My Things to Change

Stay cool when others get hot
Focus on connections
Less talk and more action

What things are you going to change in 2014?


Ramit Sethi – 2013 The Year of Taking Control

Napoleon Hill – Ten Rules for Profitable Self Discipline

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Stay Inspired!

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6 Responses

  1. Maverick says:

    Happy New Year indeed, Buck! We are still here and still following the journey… Good to see you keeping the dream alive. Your last several posts kinda reminded me of that crappy catering gig we did years ago… How we made all those boring, safe sandwiches people ate up? Then one day we decided to just say f*** it, let’s just stay true to ourselves and make what we like to eat and push the envelope with new recipes and spices. Life changed after that…

    To authenticity and pushing the envelope in 2014.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks for the support and love the inspirational story Maverick! Who wants to eat plain sandwiches right? Being authentic and eating the spices you like? Great combo to me. Happy 2014!

  2. jefferson says:

    Simple, but effective, goals.

    I love the “stay cool, when other get hot”.
    I am totally going to steal that.

    Trying to control one’s temper, no matter what happens, is something absolutely worth working towards.

  3. Money Cone says:

    Happy New Year Buck! Thanks so much for the Napoleon Hill link! I’m a big fan of his ‘Think and grow rich’! Very powerful book!

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