Facing My Fear Of Confrontation Part 2

Dr. Banner

As Dr. Cameron headed to my office, my co-worker and I strategized on how to handle him properly. He would first tend to his iPad issue and then offer up, “Is there any other computer issue you are having that we can assist you with since you are here?” At that point, I would interject and bring up his portal login issue. Our lines were set. Enter Dr. Cameron.

He was an elder gentleman and reminded me of a skinnier James Cameron, director of Titanic and Avatar, hence the alias. He greeted my co-worker and was pleasant as could be. Apparently my co-worker had helped him before and he was overjoyed to see him again. I thought to myself, “Is this the same person I heard yelling and screaming on the phone last week?” It was like Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. “Am I in the Twilight Zone?”

I was so stunned by Dr. Cameron’s multiple personalities, that I missed my cue. My co-worker was done working on his iPad and offered up, “Is there any other computer issue you are having that we can help you with?” The doctor thought to himself for a moment. “No can’t think of anything.” My jaw dropped. Something that caused this man to go into a Wolverine’s Bezerker Barrage and seemed like it was life or death, somehow wasn’t even on his mind. My co-worker changed subjects and swung at it again. “You sure there isn’t anything else we can help you with doctor?”

At this point, I hit my mark. “Excuse me doctor, I think what he is getting at isn’t there a portal page you can’t login into?” The doctor exclaimed, “Oh yes, of course, if there is anything you could do for me on that one, that would be great! I worked with Baron last week, but we couldn’t get anywhere.” My co-worker proceeds to go through the five step process of properly installing the VPN plugin and reminded him that he needed to answer each question promptly and accurately. I went over to both of them and leaned in for support. My mind was racing as I struggled to find the spot to reveal myself and give Dr. Cameron a piece of my mind.

As my co-worker expertly led Dr. Cameron to the solution, I sat back down at my desk. I checked my email and began to fidget. I was getting a little hot under the collar as I felt my opportunity slipping away. Dr. Cameron was done with my co-worker and was quickly packing up his iPad to exit stage left. “Should I confront him? Should I just shut up and let it go?” My inner dialogue was deafening. As Dr. Cameron thanked my co-worker and headed for the door, I leapt out of my chair, “Just one minute doctor.”

I introduced myself and said, “First off, you are so pleasant in person and it is nice to meet you.” He smiled, “It’s so nice to meet you too.” I continued, “I’m the one on the phone with Baron. We were desperately trying to help you with your issue, but you were just going off on us making it difficult to help you.” Dr. Cameron quickly back pedaled, “I wasn’t going off on you.” In a very calm and respectful manner, he said, “I was working with Baron for a few days and he was doing the same thing over and over, six times in a row. At the end of it all, he asked for my username and password so he could continue testing.”

He raised his voice, “I’m not going to give him my username and password! On top of that, I had eleven other doctors breathing down my neck because I am the defacto computer go to guy and they were all waiting on me to get into the portal page.” I wrapped things up by saying, “I understand your frustration, I’m glad we resolved your issue, but I just wanted to bring it up and nice to meet you because you are so pleasant in person.” We shook hands, thanked us both again, and was off.

Could I have done better and handled things differently? Perhaps. But the most important goal for me was facing my fear of confrontation. In my opinion, I did just that and proud of myself that I followed through on what I needed to do. Is my Dr. Banner finally in control of my Hulk?

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