BI 065: Energy First Gerry Morton Harness Your Butterflies!

Gerry Morton

As we conclude my interview with Gerry, you will learn

Why is it important to join a mastermind group?

Why are mentors important and how do you find one?

Finally, we wrap things up by throwing some curve balls to find what makes Gerry unique, what drives him and inspires him.

What does he think is more important, Who you know or what you know?

Did Gerry follow his passion or do something he was good at and learned to love that?

What does he feel about fear?

How did Gerry’s core values guide him on his entrepreneur journey?

Are entrepreneurs made or born?

What do you need if you want to learn to be an entrepreneur?

Who would Gerry love to meet?

What personal goals does he have for this year?

Who would Gerry want to play his role in a movie based on his life?


Commencement Address – University of Arizona Honors College Graduation – Gerry Morton

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