Elektra Luxx Sucks (Content Is King)

No disrespect to the great actors involved, but this was a disjointed mess of humorous short stories. I don’t know if this was too artsy or maybe I am not cultured enough to appreciate it, but I really wanted a refund for my time. To make matters worse, the movie was free! I have been on a lucky streak in terms of watching great movie previews, but this is my early favorite for worst movie of the year.

Wasted All Star Cast

I totally enjoyed Joseph Gordon-Levitt in 500 Days of Summer and Inception. But I might need his Inception co-star’s, (Leonardo DiCaprio) help. Someone please go into my brain and remove the Elektra Luxx experience, thank you. He was pretty funny as sex blogger Bert Rodriguez, but he was the only bright spot. Timothy Olyphant did his funny, bad boy routine. Malin Akerman was irritating as Bert’s love interest. Emmanuelle Chriqui (Sloan from Entourage) has a nice role and played it well, but she was tied down by an irritating airhead. Even Julianne Moore’s surprise appearance couldn’t save this bomb. Josh Brolin may hay have been the smartest one of the bunch. His only appearance was in a snapshot.

Last, but not least, Carla Gugino. She had some nice sassy moments as a retired porn star community sex education teacher. But, what was she thinking? There are three possible reasons why she did this movie. The money, she always fantasized about being a porn star, dancing, and singing in a movie, or Charlie Sheen got to her and said it was the perfect (WINNING) role for her. To the makers of Elektra Luxx, here’s inspiration for next time. Check out, Hall Pass or Brotherhood.

Content Really Is King

The trailer wasn’t half bad. Since it showcased all the above stars, I thought it can’t be too bad. I was dead wrong. Even with all this talent, if shackled to a bad script, disaster. Same thing can be said about your blog. Focus on writing quality content. You could get a great theme, tweak all the SEO you want, slap on some slick ads, and find tons of great pictures and videos, if your content sucks like Elektra Luxx, you can kiss your traffic good bye. Just like my trailer experience, if you have a great guest post, but a weak body of work, you won’t retain any new readers.

Final Thoughts

After five months of blogging, a nice Alexa rank, and pennies from AdSense, I am refocusing on content. If you didn’t notice, I’ve stripped off my affiliates, took down AdSense, I even took off my Alexa badge to streamline my blog and hopefully increase my reader experience. Special thanks to The Financial Blogger for helping me refocus.

What other movie had tons of great stars, but a horrible plot that wasted their talent? Do you feel content is king?

Stay Inspired!

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10 Responses

  1. MoneyCone says:

    Congratulations on the Alexa rank! You got there pretty quickly! Spill the beans, share your secrets!

  2. 101 Centavos says:

    What, no more Adsense?! That tears it, I’m not coming back.
    Seriously, blog looks good, content is good. Congrats on the Alexa ranking.

  3. woah! didn’t know I had so much impact!

    Man, your site looks a lot better now ;-). I’m sure that focusing on content will make your blog grow much faster!

    keep it up Buck!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Thanks, I’m trying my best!

      Don’t be so modest. 🙂 A lot of fellow bloggers feel the same. Thanks again for your continued great advice and tips. Keep up your great work as well!

  4. Content is always king, but a little entertainment and theatrics mixed in never hurts anything!

    Congrats on the great Alexa rank.

  5. You had to waste your money on that movie? you should’ve been watching Battle LA instead! Highly recommend it!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I might have strangled somebody if I had paid! It was a free movie preview. I wasted a few hours and a buck fifty for parking. But hey, I got a post and a lesson from it! 🙂

      Battle LA looks pretty good. Kinda mysterious in the trailer so I thought it could go either way. Have to add it to the watch list!

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