Double Dose of Doh!


Against my better judgement I rushed down to the Block at Orange’s AMC 30 for a screening of Hereafter.  I was driving from downtown so it would be a trek and a gamble, but what the heck.  Traffic on the 5 was amazing so I thought I had a shot.  I did pull off to grab some Quiznos to tie me over in the movie.  There was a small line and the usher let me in.  The hall we waited in was lined with actors and directors.  It was pretty cool seeing Coppola and a young Nic Cage, Swayze with his Ghost director, Zucker?, Spike Lee, and Spielberg.  We inched closer to the door and then stopped. 

Minutes ticked by and we inched to the start time.  Finally, 25 people from the door, the manager said no more seats, sorry.  Stick your sorry in a sack, mister!  I drove like a bat out of hell from downtown to OC to get turned away?!?!  There was another screening going on and I tried to charm my way in that one, no dice.  The night was still young and I had energy to burn.  I whipped myself around and hit Hollywood’s Arclight for the Paranormal Activity 2 midnight showing. 

It was a madhouse.  Tons of people lined up yelling and screaming for prizes.  They periodically gave water, cupcakes, and churros.  Although I was a little tired, I did enjoy screaming for churros.  None came…  Girls dressed up in roller skates kept the crowd energized.  They also gave away posters, DVD’s, and even lunch boxes with chicken strips and salad.  I never got any because there were people who were there since 4:00pm!  They also gave away bigger items like Xboxes, iPads, and iPod touches.  Music blared to keep the crowd hyped.  After an hour and a half, I threw in the towel.  I just didn’t have the energy like the rest of the high schoolers to wait around for two more hours.

While I rested up a bit before driving home, I noticed a pack of autograph signers.  Not exactly sure who they were waiting for.  I did see a Revenge of the Nerds poster?  Anyway, after a few minutes, the autograph signers jumped to their feet.  It was James Cromwell with a lady friend.  He was pretty gracious signing and taking pictures.  The autograph signers were in ecstasy.  No disrespect to Mr. Cromwell, but what would have happened if an A-lister walked by?  These guys might lose control of their bodily functions. 

It was a fascinating look into this subculture.  One guy was on the phone talking to a colleague and asked if his guy got Michael J. Fox.  It’s one half hunting and one half business.  Later a manager of the Arclight came over with two heavies and politely asked the autograph signers to stay in the parking lot area.  The leader got a little worked up and I thought fisticuffs were inevitable, but thankfully cooler heads prevailed.  Didn’t see two movies, but did have a very interesting evening.

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