BI 054: Dorm Room Tycoon William Channer Cuts To The Chase

Dorm Room Tycoon

My free time to work on the blog and podcast has dropped quite a bit since Baby Buck is now running around and requires less naps. One of my workarounds is listening to high value content in the shortest amount of time. Dorm Room Tycoon fit the bill perfectly. William Channer sits down with household name thought leaders like Seth Godin, Guy Kawasaki, and Brian Clark and picks their brains for 20 minutes on how to become the next big thing. Since I’m ramping up my interview efforts I wanted to pick William’s brain on his best interview tips, how he deals with big name thought leaders, and how one can increase confidence to take more action.

In addition, in this session you’ll learn about

What problem did William try to solve in the podcasts that he was listening to?

Has William always been in entrepreneur mode?

Who was William’s first interview and how did he invite him to his show?

Did William really call Buck a girl?

How does it feel going toe to toe with a Guy Kawasaki or a Seth Godin?

Which actor would William choose to play his role on a movie about his life?


Dorm Room Tycoon

Jim McKelvey Square Interview

Don Norman Interview

Jason Fried 37signals Interview

Guy Kawasaki Alltop Interview

Seth Godin We Are All Weird Interview

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