BI 029: Daddy Scrubs Robert “Daddy” Nickell

Daddy Scrubs are everywhere from baby shows, television, and magazines. Robert “Daddy” Nickell is the man with the plan as he is pushing to make Daddy Scrubs a household name by 2014. With his infectious enthusiasm and passion, I have no doubt he’ll get there. As a newly minted father myself, it is inspiring to learn that his focus isn’t on product sales, it’s to get daddies everywhere involved with the birthing process.

In this action packed interview, we learn:

Wearing Daddy Scrubs benefits the father and the entire birthing team
Which celebrity wore Daddy Scrubs for two straight weeks
An idea without action is just an idea
How to use a fridge file
Failures are opportunities to grow
Your idea needs your passion to make it happen
Happiness is chasing the creative concept
Are you working on getting more doors?
Entrepreneurs are like artists

For more information, please visit Daddy Scrubs today.

Stay Inspired!

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2 Responses

  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Good interview, Buck. You are really mastering the interview technique. And it was helpful to have a good interviewee like Robert. It’s been so long that I don’t recall what the process was for the two of my kids whose birth I was present for, but as I recall the hospital provided scrubs and shoe covers for me to put over my clothes during the births. I like the enthusiasm of the product and the desire to get dads more involved.

    Robert gave some very good tips about entrepreneurship and running a business as well. Informative stuff.


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