Cut Your Losses Mark Cuban

Mark Cuban can get under people’s skin, but you can’t deny his business savvy. He made billions before the internet bubble burst with, his tenacity brought him a NBA championship last year with the Dallas Mavericks, and now he is wheeling and dealing on Shark Tank. He recently revealed that he lost a bundle on Facebook. However, I believe this is what makes him so successful.

Adapt Quickly

Cuban made a 5 million dollar bet on Facebook hoping for a pop. You and me both Mark! But when things went the other way, he quickly closed his position to the tune of a $200,000 loss. He didn’t sweat it because it was gambling money.

Why I’m Not Mark

We both shared the same hope that the Facebook IPO would pop, but it didn’t. He reacted quickly and cut his losses. My guess is he is confident in his skills to put his money to work in a better opportunity. Also because it was play money, he played loose and not desperate. For me, I am still not totally confident in my skills. Secondly, I am holding on too tight even though I just use a fraction of my portfolio on stocks. Finally, I couldn’t see that I was wrong even though there were clear warning signs at every turn.

Final Thoughts

He might not be the most popular guy around, but no one can argue his success. Although I may not have made billions via the dot com gold rush, own a sports team, or appear on network television. I can learn to adapt quickly, know when I’m wrong, and be confident I can bounce back ala Mark Cuban.

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21 Responses

  1. As an investor, Mark Cuban is one of my favorites because he instituted a collar trade when he sold out to Yahoo. The protective put actually saved him billions when Yahoo stock collapsed following the dot com bust. You have to give him credit for that brilliant move (or at least his advisers credit).

  2. krantcents says:

    All of us make mistakes in investing and other things. He can afford the loss much better than most presuming it ends up being a loss. You may never know!

  3. I find that the people that are most annoyed by Mark Cuban tend to either be extremely jealous of him, or simple hate his b-ball team. Yes, he can run his mouth, but you can’t argue with his business savvy. I see comment threads where it seems to be an all-out war on his personality instead of focusing on why he’s successful and what people can learn from him. Great post, Buck. BTW, Hendo or Bones? Personally and I really think that Hendo, more than anyone else that’s fought him, will close the distance. H-bombs vs. elbows!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Guess it’s human nature in some to be jealous and hate those who are more successful. We should try to learn and improve ourselves. Sadly it seems many feel they are already the best they can be or just don’t want to change.

      Lately I’ve been siding with veterans and underdogs. Bones just looks to dangerous, even with his DUI. However, Hendo does have that lighting right and if he connects, look out. Puncher’s chance for Hendo, but I’m going Bones. You?

      • I’m actually considering putting $20 on Hendo for the chance that an H-Bomb could render a nice return. Jones can deal it, but we’ve yet to see if he can take it. I think Dan understands that he stands no chance on the outside and will have to get in there and dirty box/brawl his was to a KO if he wants to retire as champ. Otherwise, Jones will win by guillotine or arm triangle.

        • Buck Inspire says:

          Sounds like a reasonable bet. Good luck! Hendo does need to employ the H-Bomb if he hopes to get lucky. Guillotine or arm triangle? Sweet moves, can’t wait, and “Let’s get it on!”

  4. While mark Cuban can be a jerk at times he is very smart. People can learn a lot of good things from him if they can separate his attitude and his skills.

  5. Money Beagle says:

    I’ve gained a lot of respect for him over the years. At first I thought he just got lucky with selling at the right time, but after watching him over the years, you can tell that he had a lot of smarts (or at least smart people surrounding him) that led to the billions he made and continues to make. I love Shark Tank, mindless TV that always entertains.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I thought he got lucky too! But yes, he’s shown it wasn’t a fluke. Shark Tank is mindless TV, but you do learn a few things about negotiation and making pitches. A little better than Jersey Shore don’t you think? Haha!

  6. Arlee Bird says:

    Mark Cuban didn’t get to where he is by being a financial dummy. I wish I had that kind of savvy, but money wizard I’m not. I could live for the next 4 years off of what he lost in Facebook, but only because of frugality, not by taking chances and multiplying my riches. Dang! Wish I could do better than that.

    Tossing It Out

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Way to recognize you’re not a money wizard as this will keep you out of trouble. However, it’s never too late to learn new tricks! If you wanted to, I’m sure you could do it too!

  7. Sure, he does appear to have business savvy. He plays to win, so I’m not surprised that he knows how to make a quick exit when a win seems unlikely.

  8. Losing $200,000 for Cuban is probably like losing a $20 bill! I wish I was that disciplined as well to sell when things go the wrong way.

  9. Shilpan says:

    Isn’t that true for everything we do in our lives? Most people lose money when they satisfy their ego at their own expense. Prudent investors — like Mark — learn to adapt and accept reality when they are wrong. So, they protect their wealth at the expense of burying their ego. It’s obvious that ego has no place in your head if you want to become wealthy.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      Wise words Shilpan! Ego really has no place in wealth creation and success. The faster we eliminate or control it the closer we’ll be to the life we want!

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