BI 052: Confidence and Charisma Can Even Save Your Life by The Art of Charm with Jordan Harbinger

Jordan Harbinger

I’ve been struggling with confidence and self-esteem issues for many years. I finally set myself straight by forcing myself out of my comfort zones. If you have the same issues, a quicker and more efficient alternative is visiting the Art of Charm. I visited with its co-founder, Jordan Harbinger, to learn more about his company that really could have helped me years earlier.

In addition, in this session you’ll learn about

How was I “charmed” at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood?

What does Jordan feel about pick up artists?

How is the Art of Charm founders connected to Will Smith’s movie, Hitch?

Are people born with charm?

How did Jordan survive being kidnapped twice?

Why does Jordan like traveling to North Korea?

Is there a group of students that pick up his material faster than the rest?

Jordan’s advice on interviewing

Jordan’s advice for starting your own business

What’s coming up next for the Art of Charm?

Who would Jordan choose to play himself in a movie based on his life?


Hitch Movie Trailer

BONUS Episode: Man School with Jordan Harbinger, “I was kidnapped…TWICE!”

How to Go to North Korea

Episode #202: Jeff Steinmann, How to Quit Working

The Art of Charm

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  1. Nice! Cool that you got to meet with the co-founder. Great podcast.

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