Club MomMe OC Spring Family Fest 2014 Recap

Club MomMe Balloons

It was a gorgeous summer day at Huntington Beach for Club MomMe’s Springfest.  Although Summerfest would be more appropriate, I agree with Club MomMe that Springfest rolls off the tongue better.  Hundreds of moms, dads, and babies soaked in the sun, vendors, and experts.

Shout out to Flatout Bread, Dr. Smith’s, Belly Bandit, and Bella the Clown for chatting about your products and entertaining Baby Buck.



BMW is known for being the ultimate driving machine, but I stumbled upon their secret branding strategy.  Start them off early!  At their booth, they had a toy BMW for kids to sit and roll with.  The marketing manager playfully looked at Baby Buck and said enter our drawing for his first Beamer!  Nice move.

Dr. Kenneth Akey

Dr. Kenneth Akey

Baby Buck has been fighting a cold and the good doctor was kind enough to suggest some herbal medicines.  I’m going to look into sambucus and probiotics before hitting the antibiotics.  We also chatted about the dangers of cow’s milk and its harmful additives.  I may switch Baby Buck to almond or soy milk.  We both shook our heads in disbelief about rice milk as there were recent studies of arsenic in rice.  Is nothing safe anymore?  Dr. Akey kept his monkeys and angels busy with an arts and crafts table.  Looks like Baby Buck’s favorite craft item is glue as he couldn’t stop squeezing it out of the bottle.

Daddy Panel

Daddy Power

I was shocked that so many dads had great questions for the panel.  We have feelings too! I caught up with Robert “Daddy” Nickell and congratulated him on the success of his new show, My Life As A Dad. His guests are getting bigger and bigger by the minute. He teamed with Doyin Richards and Dude of the House and gave excellent advice on dealing with a tantrum.

Daddy pleaded with us saying we can’t talk or reason with our kids during a tantrum.  We need to shift their focus.  For example, “Remember that part in Frozen.”  Doyin and Dude agreed that misdirection and having other distraction toys ready to go is key.

How Do You Decompress?

The panel chimed in unison, forget your time after work.  It is daddy duty time.  When the kids go to bed, then you can catch up on sports and do your own thing.  I need to apply this ASAP as I still think the time just after work is mine.  I need to focus on getting Baby Buck to sleep and then I can decompress.

Springfest Vendors

Final Thoughts

After a leisurely stroll along the beach, I was surprised to return to a room full of excited moms sticking around till the end of the show. Turns out Club MomMe was about to raffle off some amazing baby related goodies. Kudos for throwing another spectacular event and seamlessly weaving parents, experts, vendors, and entertainment.

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