Club MomMe Fall Family Fest 2015 Recap

Club MomMe Fall Family Fest 2015

I spent my Sunday having family fun and getting educated at the third annual Fall Family Fest.  It took place again at the South Coast Botanic Garden. Kudos to Rachel, Club MomMe, and Mom.Me for making their event bigger and better than ever!  Here are some products that caught my eye.


I started my day catching up with my favorite Britax rep.  I asked what feature was causing the most excitement.  She quickly replied, “It has to be CLICK TIGHT!”  This ingenious installation system allows the installer to press a button, twist it, and flip up the center cushion to allow seat belts to be passed through easier.  I don’t know how much time I’ve wasted passing my seat belts through my car seat.  Nice move Britax!  For more information, visit Britax today.


I moved on to Diono and learned how sturdy and comfortable their car seats are. But the feature that made me do a double take was how it can be folded up like a back pack.  This will make traveling with car seats easier than ever!  For more information, visit Diono today.

 Diono Folding Car Seat 
LaCroix Sparkling Water

With the sun heating up, I quenched my thirst with an Apple Berry LaCroix Sparkling Water.  It hit the spot with zero calories, zero sweetners, and zero sodium. I’m craving for a Kiwi Watermelon next!  For more information, visit LaCroix Sparkling Water today.

 LaCroix Sparkling Water 
Fresh Wave

I’m still dealing with my toddler’s “nose challenging” diapers.  I can’t wait to try Fresh Wave’s natural, odor removing products.  Hopefully my nose will be smiling in no time!  For more information, visit Fresh Wave today.

 Fresh Wave Odor Reducing Products 
Couture Paintings

My toddler got completely transformed into a tiger.  We’ve been going to the zoo a lot, but after he got his face painted at Couture Paintings, the zoo crew may want to lock him up!  For more information, visit Couture Paintings today.

 Couture Paintings 
Better Bean Company

Although there were tons of food samples like sandwiches, popcorn, and pizza, my toddler spent most of the day sampling at the Better Bean Company.  I was delighted he was eating healthy proteins and complex carbohydrates.  I just wish I knew his favorite flavor because he devoured all the samples he tried in no time!  For more information, visit Better Bean Company today.

 Better Bean Company 
Best in Show (Yoobi)

Yoobi Bus 

When you first enter the Fall Family Fest, you can’t help but notice the colorful Yoobi bus. My toddler hung out for most of the afternoon coloring and making friends with Team Yoobi.  They sell cool school supplies that have comparable prices with other companies.  On top of that, each item sold, the company donates school supplies to underprivileged kids.  Hence their logo, “one for you. one for me.”  For more information, visit Yoobi today.

 Yoobi one for you one for me 
Final Thoughts

Thanks again to Club MomMe, Mom.Me, and all the wonderful Fall Family Fest vendors.  Not only did the family have a blast, but I get to go to bed a little wiser.  I can’t wait till next year.  It definitely was the #BestDayEver!

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  1. Arlee Bird says:

    Seems like a while since I’ve seen a post from you.

    Glad to see you’re still making your rounds to these events. This seems like something really helpful to a parent.

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