Clean Bee Baby Review

Clean Bee Baby

Four months with Baby Buck, we are up to our eyeballs in baby formula, gear, diapers, and wipes. However, one thing we always neglect is the baby stroller. Over time it gets quite dirty and we’re putting our precious litte guy in that? Never fear, Clean Bee Baby is here!

Clean Bee Baby is popping up everywhere. This time at the Boobie Palooza, while we took in the show, Clean Bee Baby magically transformed our dirty, beat up stroller, into a practically brand new one out of the box. All the hard working bees were enthusiastic, friendly, and passionate as they cleaned and it really shows when they returned my sparkling stroller.

Every inch was cleaned from the wheels all the way to the plastic trays. For the really tough jobs, steam cleaners can be used as well. We can’t be leaving our precious little ones in unhealthy filth. Just like car washes, you can go for a basic wash or full detailing. Their cleaning products are environmentally friendly, safe for use around children and pets, and contains NO Chlorine, NO Bleach, NO Ammonia, NO Alcohol, and NO Dyes. Clean Bee Baby reminded me not to neglect one of my baby’s most used items, the baby stroller!

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  1. Arlee Bird says:

    What will they think of next? Well, don’t forget that baby needs to get some exposure to dirt and germs to build up immunities. My wife and I were usually pretty careful to keep everything pretty clean, but our kids didn’t live in a completely sterile world either. They got into some pretty gross stuff sometimes and survived to become healthy adults.

    The biggest convenience I had with my first child was a diaper service where they delivered clean cloth diapers and picked up the dirty ones for cleaning. I wonder if any companies still do that or has everything gone to disposable diapers filling landfills?

    Wrote By Rote

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