Christmas Party: On Site vs Off Site

Christmas Party

Lately my partner in crime and I have been butting heads on every topic imaginable. Server management, networking, and change control policies. It has gotten so out of hand that we are now having heated debates about Christmas parties!

Last week our company threw our annual Christmas party. It is on campus in the auditorium. Lunch is provided with a choice of entrée, some sides, and desserts served by department managers cafeteria style. It is fully decorated with Christmas ornaments. Christmas music plays in the background with a live guitar player and a photo booth for entertainment.

By coincidence, my wife was having her company Christmas party that night. Her shindig is at a restaurant after business hours where co-workers gather for a few hours dining and hoping for a raffle prize. In passing, I asked Chet, “Which do you think is the better Christmas party, our on site one or something similar to my wife’s, an after business hour, off site gathering?”

I was shocked at his flying off the handle. “Are you crazy? Of course the off site is better! How can you even ask such a question? There’s no question about it! Are you just trying to make me feel bad?” I defended my stance. I was going for the opposite. “I understand why people would think the off site party is better. All I was trying to do was make people see the bright side of our on site party. It’s convenient. It’s during normal business hours. After a long day of work, you don’t have spend additional hours going to an off site function.”

Chet and I were so fired up, we did an impromptu poll of co-workers. After asking five additional people, I was the only person who felt the on site was better. “The food would be better. It’s more fun partying off site and after hours. You have more freedom.” What was interesting was the wide range of reactions. Some folks were adamant like Chet. Others sympathized with me and tried to be politically correct. “If you are more conservative and not so much a party animal, I can see the appeal of the on site. You have a kid so I know it is harder for you to make it off site.”

Lately I’ve been pushing myself to be more positive. This is the main reason why I championed our on site Christmas party. In my mind, if I joined the others, I wouldn’t be grateful for the Christmas party we did have. In the exchange I fired, “Some people work at companies that don’t even throw Christmas parties!” I listed all our on site pros to fully enjoy our current situation more.

Although Chet was boiling over screaming, “Our party sucks!” I thought, what good does it do me by agreeing that our party sucks? I didn’t want to be combative over a difference of opinion on Christmas parties, but looking back I should have fired back, “If you think our Christmas party sucks, maybe you should look for another company to work for? Maybe that company has better, off site Christmas parties!”

What is your favorite kind of Christmas party?

Merry Christmas!

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