BI 047: Channel Your Inner Rockstar Noah Kagan

The other day I listened to the best Smart Passive Income interview to date. Pat Flynn interviewed Noah Kagan of AppSumo. Noah’s blog,, focuses on the topics of marketing, entrepreneurship, and engagement with online communities. We learn about his “rockstar” journey from being Facebook Employee #30, to Employee #4, his battle with depression, to founding AppSumo, and his current project, How to Make Your First Dollar. He offers tons of actionable tactics and advice. I chime in with my adventure as an international superstar. I may not have walked away from big contracts or worked at household named companies like Noah. I do however show off my passion, create a priceless moment, and made quite an impression ala Rockstar Mr. Kagan.

Special Mention:

SPI 071 : Successful Start Ups, Millions Lost and Everything In-Between: Inside the Mind of Noah Kagan from AppSumo


How to Make Your First Dollar

What was your best “rockstar” moment?

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