Car Wash Or Self Wash

Over the long weekend, I decided to get the car washed. It was filthy and I had some time to kill since the poor Mrs. had to work. I usually take it to one of two places. A car wash joint down the street with an exterior only special or a gas station down the street with a car wash as part of their service station. The service station car wash is about five bucks while the exterior only special is six. I wanted to use my own elbow grease so I went to a self-service car wash.

Self-Service Car Wash

The sun was blazing as summer is upon us now. When I got there, I had to wait in line. Looks like others had the same idea. There were four rows. I sat behind a car that was being washed. You throw in two dollars worth of quarters for about 15 minutes of wash time. There is a dial that controls your options. There is a brush that pumps out foam, a hose that sprays engine and tire cleaner, and another hose that sprays wax and water. I’ve used this type of car wash before so I knew I had to speed through each section.

No Matter What

I told my buddies about my adventures. They used this wash before, but they often needed two cycles to get their car really clean. I told them no matter what, I was leaving after one cycle. They couldn’t stop laughing, thinking there’s no way I can get the entire car clean in one round. I guess I am the most frugal one of the bunch. The car is for transportation. It is not a show car. The car was looking a little dirty and I just needed to get some of that junk off. My buddies are both more into their cars then me. So once again, it’s all about priorities.

Final Thoughts

The heat was a little uncomfortable, but I actually had a good time rushing through the different cycles, using the foam brush, and spraying down the car. You should all try it. It’s pretty exhilarating working the high-pressure hose. I now understand the satisfaction one gets by doing it yourself. But don’t ask me to do any home improvement work as I am all thumbs. On top of that, I saved 60% compared to a service station wash. Can’t beat that!

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19 Responses

  1. There’s something about self wash that I really enjoy. It’s so relaxing and rewarding. It’s not economical due to my time, but not everything is about money.


  2. MoneyCone says:

    Self washes are a lot of fun… if I have the time! On weekdays it just a quick run to the auto-wash.

    A great way to beat the heat on a weekend!

  3. I enjoy the self-car wash. But I have found a ‘drive through’ kind near me that gives a $30 cent off per gallon on gas discount if you buy a car wash… meaning that when it is all said and done the car wash only costs around $2.00. I just can’t beat that unless I do it myself at home!

  4. That is a great deal, Denise. I don’t have enough time to really do a good self wash so I go through an automatic. We get $8 coupons purchased through fund raisers. I have a stack of about 20 at home. Enough to last me a good decade.

  5. Krantcents says:

    Usually, I get a free wash with my oil change! In between, I do the wash myself. My wife will do the drive through occasionally, particularly when the temperature is over a 100 degrees.

  6. 101 Centavos says:

    Sometimes I swing by the DIY car wash place if it’s not too windy, or contract out to our boys for the wash and vacuum. It’s a little more expensive for them to do it, but since we don’t give them an allowance, it’s a way for them to make a few extra bucks. Mrs. 101 is a straight-up automatic car wash person.

  7. I do like washing and waxing my own car, but it is pretty time consuming. And it can be rough in the heat.

  8. I enjoyed washing the car in the driveway at home, but unfortunately we don’t have a driveway anymore. I don’t really like the foam brush at the self wash place because it seems like it would scratch the car. These day I take it to a touchless car wash every 4-5 months.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      My car is pretty old so I’m not that worried about minor scratches from the foam brush. How much do touchless car washes go for? Could be worth it if you can last 4 to 5 months.

  9. Untemplater says:

    That is so cool! Ha I’ve never seen a self service wash in action. I think if it was me on video I’d probably look like a mad woman running around trying to get everything clean without running out of time. I guess 15 minutes is enough though, especially when you’re the one waiting in line! -Sydney

    • Buck Inspire says:

      That would be a sight to see. Sydney running around like a mad woman with a warning “Beware PF Blogger Self Washing Car!” Everyone would then stand clear for their safety. Just kidding!

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