California Poppy Festival 2013

CA Poppy Festival

Last weekend I was all excited to visit the poppy fields in Lancaster. Sadly we didn’t get to see any because of this season’s uncooperative rain. The good news is I was treated to a fun filled day at the 22nd annual California Poppy Festival.

Wind Vanes

Arts and Crafts

With over 200 arts and crafts booths, there was something for everyone. The busiest and most eye-catching booth featured some of the most amazing wind vanes I’ve ever seen. Blocks of people where drawn in like months to a flame. Finally, the prices were out of this world. Possibly more than 80% off when compared to national chains like Home Depot or Lowes.

Camel Ride

Lancaster Zoo?

I’m not sure who had more fun seeing all the furry animals, Baby Buck or myself. There was a camel ride, a gigantic tortoise, colorful parrots, and even possums. The petting zoo featured all kinds of adorable fuzzy creatures too.

Safety Classes

Not only did we have loads of fun, we left a little smarter.  I learned about what I need to pack in my emergency kit in case of a disaster. CERT gave a demonstration on how to turn on and off my gas line and my electrical circuit breakers. Every person needs a gallon of water a day for 10 days. Finally I was all shook up at the LA fire department earthquake demonstration. We were loaded into a small class room, watched a video about earthquake safety, and felt the power of a 3.5 earthquake, courtesy of the Shakey Quakey van.

Final Thoughts

This was my first road trip to Lancaster and I have to say I had a blast. If you ever make it out there, or visit the Poppy Festival next year, here are some tips to make a fun time even better. Make sure you bring a lot of water to keep yourself hydrated. It was a summer like day and you should also bring sunscreen and a hat to protect your scalp.  There were tons of free parking in an empty field and a free tram service to take you into the park ala Disneyland. But make sure you remember where you parked. Use canopies and buildings as landmarks because when the dust kicks up it felt like we were in the middle of a desert. If you don’t have your bearings right, you will waste precious time searching for your car.

Thanks Jeff for a great time and for more information about the California Poppy Festival, visit today.

Stay Inspired!

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6 Responses

  1. krantcents says:

    I live in southern California and never heard of this festival. Thanks for the information.

  2. Awesome. Looks like a fun festival. My kids love to go to events like this.

  3. Sounds like a great day, Buck! We live near a small city kind of in the middle of nowhere. They make a great effort to have all sorts of festivals and events that start as soon as the weather warms a bit and continue until school starts again in the fall. There is literally something to do every weekend in the summer, and often 2 or 3 events per weekend. Sometimes it’s nice to be in the middle of nowhere!

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