Bus Routes, Life: Do You Have a Plan C?

Some people might think I’m a worry wart. I’m usually not the spontaneous type either. In fact, great things can happen from our backup plan. Just check out Samantha Brown’s Plan B. What happens if your original plan and your backup plan fall through? Then what? In this case, you have to turn to Plan C.

Literal And Figurative Road Blocks

I now have my bus routine down. Just the other week, I got a rude awakening from the MTA. I was about to cutover to my second bus when I noticed a MTA worker nailing up a sign. My usual stop would be temporarily closed due to road construction. I asked him, “Where am I supposed to go, the next block over?” He told me the next stop is three blocks away and sorry for the inconvenience! After trekking for what felt like an eternity, I vowed to find another way because under the sweltering heat, I almost didn’t make it.

Next Up, Plan B

Thankfully, my stops are on the main arteries in my town. I found a second bus route and I was happy as a clam. I was almost smug thinking that a little road construction and the MTA can’t slow me down. Unfortunately, Plan B had its own wrinkle. The transfer to my second bus required 30 extra minutes. So what normally takes one hour now takes one hour and a half!

Final Thoughts

Long story short, I found a third route out of my location and got my commute back down to my usual 60 minutes. Others who can fly by the seat of their pants would probably think I’m stressing for nothing. “Enjoy the ride. Whatever life throws at you, act accordingly. Cross that bridge when you get to it!” That’s all fine and good for you, but I finally realize who I am and what works best for me. I need some structure and I need some plans in place. I understand sometimes that the best plans can fall apart. So taking a page from your book, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there. Nothing personal, but for everyday life events, I’m the most efficient with a plan or two, or in this case, three.

Are plans a waste of time? Am I being a worry wart for nothing? Should I just be more spontaneous?

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31 Responses

  1. MoneyCone says:

    Spontaneity is fine with your date, for bus routes have a plan! 🙂

  2. krantcents says:

    Plans should be flexible! Today, I had my car tested for a smog test. It was the first time it failed. I had to take the car to my mechanic to fix it. If I did not allow any time for this change I would be late and incur additional charges. The repair adds cost to the test too. Can I handle the additional charge? Yes, but I am not happy about it. Flexibility is the key.

  3. Plans are not a waste of time but maybe too many plans are 🙂

    I am like you, I like to have contingency plans, maybe it’s my engineer in me that’s looking for structure…

  4. You have to have some plans in life. Too many people approach retirement without a plan and it is not good. On the other hand, not having a plan can be fun for certain situations. My wife and I took a trip for a week without a plan and had a good time.

  5. hannamay says:

    Nothings wrong having plan…

  6. I agree planning has it’s place but then so does being spontaneous. This is actually something my hubby and I are working on. We tend to be a bit too serious and plan too much. We are really trying hard to relax a bit and actually enjoy the moment for once. Great post!

  7. Little House says:

    That’s awesome that you’re taking public transportation and that this glitch didn’t make you want to just give it up. I applaud you!

    And, I love that movie, Shaun of the Dead , it’s hilarious!

  8. Like Miss T, I have to work at being spontaneous – I tend to overplan. However, it is necessary some times – and not just for finances

    We visited Yellowstone Nat’l Park in 2003. I planned months ahead and was able to get reservations in the park at Old Faithful Inn. We enjoyed our stay. While there, I saw a spontaneous family standing at the check in desk looking very sad and worried after being told there was no room at the Inn!

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I’m more the over planner than the spontaneous one. Working on it. Ironically, that family that didn’t get a room probably lives for those moments of dealing with problems on the fly. They probably don’t learn their lessons and will repeat their behavior again. I’m not particularly comfortable with on the fly planning, so I’ll take the planning approach any day!

  9. Suba says:

    I am only spontaneous when I am on vacations 🙂 Rest of the time, I like everything to go smoothly and on time, so I have plan B, C & D. lol. I don’t think you overplan, I would plan for most important things as well..

  10. I’m a mad planner. I don’t think the morning commute is the time for spontaneity. I wonder, does the MTA have an APP for that? I hope so.

  11. Oh dear if your bus route woes stressed you out, I really wouldn’t come to London, if I were you! In preparation for the Olympics next year, our public transport system is in turmoil at the moment so you have to mix up your normal routes all the time (I’ve become the queen of bus routes/tube routes/overground routes/walking routes between my house and work)! If it stressed me out I’m pretty sure I’d have had to move out of the capital by now.

    I agree that planning and structure is important. It makes you more organised, efficient and less stressed. That said being flexible is important too. Plans have to change all the time and being able to adapt to new circumstances is equally important.

    • Buck Inspire says:

      I sound more stressed than I really am. I navigated the Paris subway so I think I could survive London. Honestly, what better way to learn about a new country than to use their public transportation?

      Perhaps the answer is a happy medium between planning and being spontaneous? Is this possible?

  12. Leonor Miller says:

    Hey I know we come across so many different stages of life and we cant escape them I feel stress needs to be handled very well to control the adverse from it. Meditation and stronger will power will help in maintaining this and over come the stress. But though this is a very inspirational experience.

  13. Walter says:

    There is nothing wrong with making plans but we have to understand that there will be hindrances ahead that will thwart our expectations. I think it has a reason and we should not resist it. Probably is that it maybe telling us something. 🙂

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