Buck Ebenezer Scrooge

Ebenezer Scrooge

Bah Humbug! Don’t know why, but I’ve been very moody and grouchy lately. Could it have anything to do with my move?!?! Besides that I took some time to reflect and figure out, “What’s wrong with me?” There are a few reasons that come to mind.

Higher Expectations

Since this is supposed to be the happiest time of year, perhaps people have loftier expectations during the holiday season. When it crashes head on to harsh reality, look out below! Adding fuel to the fire, everyone desperately tries to get back to normal or “happy” thus causing reactions to be rash, emotional, and not completely thought through. Finally, doesn’t fruitcake just bring out the best in all of us? πŸ™‚


I think the end of the year is a natural time for everyone to reassess their lives. Career, health, relationship, the list goes on and on. Most of the time, we want more for ourselves. Questions and clichΓ©s seep into our minds.

Is the grass is greener on the other side?
How do I get out of the rat race?
How do I keep up with the Joneses?
Who the heck are the Joneses?
What is the meaning of life?!?!

Pet peeves you allowed to fester for months or even years might erupt like a volcano during this reassessment period. If the negative feelings aren’t managed properly during these stressful times, you might turn into Ebenezer, too.

Similar to how money managers want to make their portfolios look pretty at the end of the year, I sometimes rush to improve all facets in one fail swoop, causing less than stellar results. Guess it’s true what they say about due diligence.


Now that I understand why I am acting a little scroogy, I can more calmly and efficiently enjoy the season the way I should.

Be Positive
Stay Calm
Remain Authentic
Be Thankful

If this is also happening to you, snap out of it you scrooge! How are you dealing with your holiday season? Oh and in case I forgot, forgive me for going off on my psycho babble, Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

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4 Responses

  1. I was overseas the last three holiday seasons, and my family doesn’t really get together anymore, so there’s little drama and not much to miss. I enjoy the holiday season with a few close loved ones, and there isn’t too much more to get stressed out. I do miss the big family dinners in one sense, but I don’t miss the big fights and the drama!

    • Buck says:

      Can’t we all just get along? Yeah, I kind of prefer the smaller get togethers now. Hope you had a Merry Christmas! πŸ™‚

  2. Aloysa says:

    This Xmas was the most relaxed and peaceful out of all years. I enjoyed it a lot. In the years before this, we had a lot of tension. Not this year!

    • Buck says:

      Glad to hear! πŸ™‚ I had a more enjoyable one as well. Perhaps it is because things are going well on the blogging tip? Yay Yakezie! πŸ™‚

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